Best Tradeline Companies: Avoid Three Common Mistakes While Choosing One

Buying tradelines have been recognized as a legitimate and effective way to boost one’s creditworthiness with a bad credit score. Adding you as an authorized user to a tradeline is not any new introduction in the industry but has been used for more than the decades and is accepted by the major credit bureaus. However, while buying tradelines make sure that you are dealing with best tradeline companies because with the ever-increasing popularity of tradeline uses, many fake companies having the only intention to defraud you and snatch your money are already in the industry. Which is why you should be cautious about the practices of the tradelines whereas you may come across kinds of inconsistencies that establish they cannot be the ‘best’.

While there is no the definition of the ‘best’, typically this symbolizes companies that are committed to offering the highest standard of services to those who come to them with a hope to fix their poor credit by becoming authorized users to the account of credit cardholders with steady credit history. Avoid 3 mistakes stated below and reach the best.

Paying for Initial Consultancy

The initial consultancy, credit analysis of your history should be free of cost as per the industry standard. Typically, you require paying the tradeline company the fees for adding you as an AU to some other’s credit card once this is discussed in the consultancy session, and you accept terms and conditions of the agreement form by signing on it. Once you pay the charges, you will be added that account and you get a confirmation. If a company asks to pay for consultancy, you must avoid the agency considering it as simply a scam group.

Hasty Boost up Result

Remember, that after you are added as an AU, it takes nearly 30-60 days or even up to 90 days to appear the boost up a credit score in your credit report. First of all, always avoid those companies that tempt you to pay extra for a priority boost up within 7-15 days, which is a 100% fake promise. In fact, a tradeline agency works as a link between the primary cardholder and the AU while ensuring the integrity of both ends. However, they have nothing to do in the process that continues on its own cycle, and there are no priority services. You have to wait for the minimum period as stated above to get a boost up a credit score. A company makes false promises cannot be best tradeline companies which should be avoided without further discussion.

Long Term Score

Avoid those tradeline companies that commit you to offer long term increase of credit score. Best tradeline companies never make such promises since how long the relationship among the primary cardholder and the AU will continue depends on their own decisions and how do they behave towards their payment habit. It is viable for authorized users to make the best use of tradeline as a way to establish their own credibility with healthy payment practices. Secondly, if the default of the primary card user harms your credit score is the AU in the contract, no tradeline company can force to continue as an AU. Once you apply the best tradeline companies disconnect you immediately from the credit line of the primary cardholder. is a Credit score improvement company specializing in helping the customers to increase or raise the credit score faster which leads to achieve their goals like buying a new home, finance a car, etc. The company is doing this by offering authorized user tradelines for sale. To know more, visit



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