Benefits of Working with Permanent Staffing Agencies

Recruitment processes need to work for both companies and the candidates to be effective and useful. Many hiring procedures favor only the companies and do not take into account the candidates. But there are still some permanent staffing agencies that work hard to ensure that the benefits flow both ways.

Here are some benefits of working with permanent staffing agencies.

For companies –

• The best staffing agencies know how to reach the right candidate for a job. They maintain relationships with candidates that are built over the years. They can even reach out to candidates who may not be currently active on the job market but may be the right match for your company. The extended reach of this kind comes only with years of dedicated work by recruiters. Permanent staffing agencies have networks of candidates who may not be active on social media or perhaps are selective in responding to job advertisements.

If you don’t consider all avenues of hiring; there is a good chance that you might miss out on a candidate who may be a good fit for your company.

• When you hire through recruitment firms, you can save money. Hiring involves screening the resumes, background checks; complete vetting of the candidates, the interview process involving several stages, and negotiations. You need time and resources for these tasks and thus company.

• Working with staffing agencies also offers companies the benefit of flexibility in hiring candidates. You can hire temporary workers and freelance professionals on a need basis without having to pay full-time salaries to permanent employees when there is lull in business.

For candidates –

• Not all positions are advertised on job portals or a company’s social media accounts. Permanent staffing agencies have relationships with companies and are aware of available jobs with them at all levels. Recruitment firms also have a large network of executives at all levels. They have access to open positions especially if the job is critical or highly in demand.

• For those looking for temporary jobs, recruitment firms can help them find on a regular basis. You can get opportunity to work with a number of good companies and gain valuable experience.

• You don’t have to pay any money to staffing agencies for their upfront services. Recruitments firms are paid by the companies who hire them to find candidates. You can get access to a wide variety of jobs at no cost. Some staffing agencies also offer excellent benefit packages.

Irrespective of the reasons to hire through or work with permanent staffing agencies; there are benefits that companies and candidates can enjoy due to their network of talent and access to jobs.


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