Benefits of Surya Namaskar

How healthy does your morning look? I am pretty sure a lot of people’s morning chores include coffee, social media, and running for work. And then there could be some people whose morning chores include workout, health drinks, protein based breakfast etc. Well, of course latter has to be great because working on your own self is the best investment you can ever make. Switching to a healthy lifestyle where you could wake up early, go out for workout, do some yoga, have a healthy breakfast, have some detox drinks, and then hit for your work is such an ideal way to live your life being happy and stress free. If you are anyways thinking or already working out in the morning, make sure to have the surya namaskar in your working out list so that you could be benefited a lot more. If you are wondering what betterment can surya namaskar bring, then here are some benefits of it on the body, mind, and soul to check out.

  1. Gives strength to your body

The first and the most important benefit of surya namaskar is that it gives strength to the whole body by being regular with it.

  1. Improves digestion and constipation

In turn it promotes weight loss along with which the gastric and acidity issues are solved. It enables better digestion and absorption of the nutrients. And because of better digestion, there is a constant glow on the skin, better sleep is a habit, and relaxation in the mind comes too. It gives you a happy gut.

  1. Activates the nervous system and the brain cells

The brain cells are made utmost strong with the surya namaskar and it prevents memory loss, increases focus and concentration, and improves the functionality of the brain.

  1. Works on the sexual functions of the body

If a person is dealing with any kind of sexual problems like malfunctioning of the sexual glands then surya namaskar can also solve it and prevent it. It also induces sexual appetite in the humans.

  1. Strengthens the heart muscles and keeps it strong

It is in fact great cardio training. It is known to activate the heart chakra. The palms are joined together near the heart in the prayer pose and this mudra or pose is known to activate the heart chakra and this encourages lotus heart to open up with awareness.

  1. Balances the blood pressure

It is known for correcting the irregular heartbeats. It keeps the sugar levels in control that in return keeps heart diseases away.

  1. Improves blood circulation and makes the skin glow

Surya namaskar is great for blood circulation throughout the body and also in the skin that makes the skin glow and radiate.

  1. Solves the Joint problems of the body

In this yoga pose, there are 12 mudras involved that opens up the muscles and the restraints in them. And not only muscles, but they also open up the joint problems and the pain in them.

  1. Manages menstrual cramps and menopause

It is great for the hormones and improves any kind of hormonal balance in the body. It has amazing effects on the uterus of the women which reduces the period cramps. Also, doing it regularly as a habit makes delivering a baby lot easier.

  1. Improves the flexibility of the body

Tones the muscles reduces stiffness . The 12 postures of the surya namaskar stretches your body from all the possible angles and sides which makes you a lot more flexible. Also, these increase your body balance and make your body strong.


These were some of the best and the mind blowing advantages of surya namaskar on our skin, body, and mind. Getting into a habit of it would surely lead you to a healthy life that would be free from diseases, restlessness, and stress.



Nitish Rana

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