Before You Start Working With A Direct Hire Staffing Agency

The war for finding right talent is becoming intensive and companies are finding it difficult to hire top talent. Many are using recruitment agencies to fill positions with specialized skills. Although the use of direct hire staffing agency could be a cost-effective way to find top talent, not all recruiting agencies are same. Hence businesses need to be careful when selecting their recruiting partners.

Here is what you need to look for before you start working with any recruitment agency:

Know Your Expectations

While recruiting agencies are known to work as per their clients’ requirements, you need to be clear about your expectations such as skills sets and experience you are looking for and practices and processes that need to be followed. A good recruitment agency should be all ears to their client’s recruitment needs and use their expertise and experience to get the desired results.

Evaluate Recruitment Agencies

You need to evaluate recruitment agencies just like potential candidates. Many companies show logos of big brands on their website but it can be difficult to follow these references and get details of a recruitment agency. The best way is taking a look at their LinkedIn profile to know about their experience.

Does the LinkedIn profile demonstrate the experience they have showcased on their website? You should evaluate the recruitment agency on two aspects – Industry and Job type. If you are looking for data scientists or software engineers, you should look for a recruitment agency that specializes in recruiting for technology domain. Similarly, you should also ensure the recruitment agency has experience in hiring for positions you are trying to fill.

Check Their Experience

In most cases, the primary reason for working with a direct hire agency is difficulty in finding candidates with specific skills sets. In the recruiting industry, a longer recruiting experience generally translates into wider and a deeper network of candidates. Experienced recruitment agencies have spent years to set up a network of top talent.

These candidates do not visit online job boards and it is difficult to reach them without the help of professional recruiters. You need to select a direct hire staffing agency which has been in recruiting business for longer periods. This would ensure you have access to their candidate pool which would also reduce time to fill vacancies for hard-to-fill positions.

Study the Terms and Pricing

Just like any other partnership, your working relationship with direct hire agency is bound by a contract with terms and conditions. Before you start working with the recruitment agency, you need to study the terms and pricing aspect carefully.

Check whether the prices mentioned for hiring meets the industry averages and look if the contract mentions a decent refund policy that covers for losses if the new recruit leaves the job within first three months.

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