Beebeecraft Wire Wrapped Owl Pendant in Rapid Way

Summary: Have fun with a wire wrapped owl pendant necklace this Halloween! In the project you’ll be taught how to wire wrap a pendant step-by-step, in less than an hour!

In this Halloween, wear such a cute wire wrapped owl style pendant with black wire frame, sparkling green eyes and yellow beaded body, which may entirely make you the most “Halloween” trendy! In the project, you will mainly learn how to wire wrap a beaded owl pendant with common supplies and wire wrapping techniques!

Supplies needed for the wire wrapped owl:

4mm Orange Faceted Round Glass Bead

6mm Yellow crystal glass beads

0.5mm Brass Wire

Jewelry string 1.5mm Aluminum Wire

Necklace Chain

Jewelry making tools Side Cutting Pliers

Flat Nose Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

How to wire wrap the pendant?

Step 1: Make the wire owl frame

1st, draw the pattern on paper. Pay attention to the size of it;

2nd, cut a length of 1.5mm aluminum wire, then wrap the owl from head by following the pattern on paper;

3rd, bend the long wire tail upwards in a 90 degree;

4th, wrap the short wire end around the long one;

5th, make a wrapped loop at top with long wire end;

6th, remove the excess and flatten the cuts using pliers;

7th, make the eye socket and mouse with wire.

Step 2: Wrap on the 0.5mm brass wire

1st, on top of the owl, wrap the area between two ears to cover the scratches;

2nd, attach the eye socket and mouse. During the process adorn the green 6mm abacus bead as eye balls.

Step 3: Fill the body with 4mm orange beads

1st, keep wrapping the 0.3mm brass wire in step 2 until it reaches to the body part of wire wrapped owl;

2nd, slide 5 Orange faceted round beads on wire and then anchor the wire by 3 extra wraps;

3rd, continue the process above until finish all body part;

4th, wrap the excess brass wire around the bottom of owl pendant.

Step4: Add the necklace chain

Cut a length of chain or simply take a necklace chain accessory. Slide on the owl pendant and you’re done!

What a cute pendant, right?

So, you’ve finished the wire wrapped owl now! Actually, this pendant may be not small enough for most girls that the size is all depends on the original sketch you drew at beginning. Plus, try attaching the pendant to earrings or made it a graceful TB straps and you’ll obtain lots of extra surprise. Hope you will love this themed wire wrapped pendant!



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