Beebeecraft Valentine Day Gift Idea for Her – Little Pink Bear Brooch

Summary: The tutorial is about a valentine day gift idea for Her! Follow Beebeecraft to learn how to make a little bear brooch with felt and cotton.

Handmade “pursuing love” bear brooch is a good gift idea for her, isn’t it? Today I would like to share this felt brooch idea with many of you who are planning to prepare a surprise for girlfriend.

Necessities for little bear felt brooch:

Gray felt
Pink felt
White felt
Black felt
2mm colorful string materials nylon thread
6mm black stone beads
Iron pin backs
Gray sewing thread
Black sewing thread
Pink sewing thread
Jewelry making tools Needle
Glue gun

Instructions on how to make the valentine little bear brooch:

Step 1: Sew pink T-shirt

1st, draw a 7-cm-high bear on gray felt, then according to this bear pattern draw T-shirt & heart-shaped balloon on pink felt and face on white felt;
2nd, cut out double bear patterns, double heart patterns, one T-shirt and one face;
3rd, with blanket stitch sew T-shirt’s sleeves onto one bear pattern;
4th, with basting stitch sew T-shirt’s neckline and waistline.

Step 2: Complete the bear’s face

1st, sew black beads onto head and the eyes are finished;
2nd, cut a tiny triangle out of black felt and sew it onto face pattern, so the nose is done;
3rd, use black sewing thread to sew up bear’s mouth onto face pattern;
4th, hot glue the face pattern below eyes.

Step 3: Stuff cotton into bear

1st, with blanket stitch sew two bear patterns together;
2nd, finish head part;
3rd, skip pink brim while sew along the bear pattern;
4th, stop sewing when reaching bear’s right hand;
5th, turn to the skipped left sleeve and hot glue the opening;
6th, insert colorful nylon thread into right hand;
7th, fix it by sewing;
8th, stuff cotton into right hand opening;
9th, hot glue (or sew up) the opening.

Step 4: Make heart-shaped balloon

1st, with blanket stitch sew up the heart patterns;
2nd, while reaching the bottom of the heart patterns, sew nylon thread in;
3rd, stuff cotton into heart patterns;
4th, finish the heart shaped balloon pattern.

Step 5: Finish the whole brooch

1st, flip over the heart-shaped balloon and little bear;
2nd, hot glue brooch findings onto wrong side.

The finished little bear felt brooch looks like this:

Tada! the bear felt brooch is done. Generally most women love fluffy dolls and soft toys. Therefore presenting her with what she likes is a very brilliant Valentine day gift idea.



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