Beebeecraft Jewelry making ideas-creative leather necklaces for women

Summary: This is a very easy but creative jewelry making tutorial that shows a distinctive method to make leather necklaces for women. For those who love custom and modern jewelry accessories, read on.

Use old hardware such as hex nuts to make jewelry that allows you to “go green” and create a large number of one-of-a-kind jewelry sets at the same time. However, some skin types may be allergic to these metal jewelry craft supplies, especially with all the summer heat and sun. Hence, the hexagon leather necklace for women solves all of these problems. It’s made of faux leather fabric and chain and you will love this jewelry making project, I promise!

Main supplies for this jewelry making tutorial:

Faux Leather


Pandahall Elite Jump rings

Hand Puncher (or needle)

Jewelry making Chain



Black maker pen (optional)

Flat Nose Pliers

How to start the faux-leather necklaces for women?

Step 1: take a hexagon object to create an outline in the fabric and out 6hexagons

After that, place the leather pieces on fabric. Glue the backsides of the leather pieces and fabric together. Cut another 6 hexagons out of fabric. Make sure the edges are well glued together.

Step 2: for the sake of an exquisite finish, color the edges of hexagons with a black marker pen

Punch two little holes on each hexagon to allow the jumprings to pass through.

Step 3: assemble the separate leather components with jumprings. The pattern depends on your own preference. Finally, attach the chain strand at ends

And it is ready to wear now!

The above instructions are all you need to know for today’s jewelry making tutorial. If you are a person who addicted to cool designs for leather necklaces for women, please just feel free to contact me! Nice day.



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