Beebeecraft Home Décor Ideas on How to Make Simple Seed Beads Flower Vase

Summary: Need a simple flower vase? If yes, look here! I’ll share you a Beebeecraft tutorial about home décor ideas on how to make simple seed beads flower vase!

If you are lack of some ideas on home décor, you can’t miss today’s Beebeecraft tutorial on how to make simple seed beads flower vase! Wanna have a try? Now, let’s start to see HOW~

Materials needed for the seed beads flower vase:

0.3mm String materials Copper Wire
2mm Green Seed Beads
2mm Red Seed Beads
2mm White Seed Beads
Glass Bottle
Jewelry making tools Side Cutting Pliers
Benecreat Flat Nose Pliers

Step 1: Make the petals of the flower

1st, trim off 4 strips of copper wire and slide several white seed beads on it and then twist the copper wire as a hoop shape like below;
2nd, trim off another strip of copper wire and twist the previous four beaded copper wire together;
3rd, add some red seed beads on the latter wire and thread it through the tops of the white seed beads wire until it forms a drop circle;
4th, make the other beading petals in the same ways.

Step 2: Make the leaves

1st, cut off a piece of copper wire and slide some green seed beads on it, then twist one side of the wire around the other side;
2nd, continue to add beads on it and twist one side of the wire around the other side of the it until the size is enough;
3rd, make other beading leaves in the same ways and then twist three beading leaves together;
4th, make some red seed beads ornament by add red seed beads on copper wire and twist them.

Step 3: Finish the seed beads flower vase

1st, wrap some beading petals in the center and then combine the beading petals together like below;
2nd, trim off several pieces of copper wire and add some green seed beads on them and then, twist them under the petals;
3rd, put some green seed beads in the bottle and then put the flowers , leaves and red seed beads ornaments in it.

Here is the final look of the flower vase:

Wow, what a lovely beading flower vase! It must stand out among various home décor! Are you interested in Beebeecraft tutorial? If yes, just do it. And the jewelry craft supplies are easy to find. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me or leave a comment. Hope like it and have a good day~



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