Beebeecraft Easy Halloween Decoration – Lantern Making Ideas for Kids

Summary: Do you want to make some easy Halloween decorations? Here is a tutorial on how to make Halloween lantern craft for kids.

Today, I will show you a lantern making idea for kids. Maybe you can’t get much information just from the picture. Now, let me show you, you can put a candle in the glass on Halloween, it will add more festival atmosphere for you house. Just look for a glass and follow my instructions to make one.

Materials and tools needed in the lantern Halloween craft:

Tibetan Style Pendants

Cleaner Chenille Stick

Lace Organza Ribbon

DIY Jewelry making Tools Sets

Bent Nose Pliers

Instructions on how to make in the lantern Halloween craft:

Step 1: Make a red round chenille sticks part

1st, cut off three pieces of about 10mm red chenille sticks and wrap them together like the picture shows;
2nd, cut off another piece of red chenille stick and wrap it around the first chenille stick part;
3rd, repeat the step to wrap another big round around the first chenille stick part.

Step 2: Repeat the steps to make an orange round chenille sticks part

Step 3: Stick the two round chenille sticks parts and some spider pendants to the glass

Step 4: Wrap a piece of black lace to the neck of the glass

The final look of the lantern Halloween craft:

Congratulations, your kids will own a new craft for the Halloween, he must be very pleased. These spider pendant and black color suit the Halloween well. Besides, The Halloween craft project supplies are available on Beebeecraft, you can keep attention to look for what you are interested.



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