Beebeecraft DIY Craft for Children’s Day – Colorful Chenille Stem Ball Mug Rug

Summary: Are you planning to make some easy crafts for home decorating? Here I will introduce you an Beebeecraft easy chenille stem ball mug rug, which is also a good project for children to join in.

Have you got chenille stems available? If not, buy some! They are really useful in crafts making and house decorating. If you’ve got them already, let’s start this colorful chenille stem mug rug DIY project!

Jewelry crafts Supplies in making the colorful chenille stem ball mug rug:

Colorful Chenille Stems
String materials Thread

Instructions on making the colorful chenille stem cup mat:

Step 1: Roll colorful chenille stem balls

1st, prepare enough chenille stems, and roll them into small balls one by one;
2nd, roll up to 36 chenille stem balls as shown in the picture (the size of the cup mat is up to you) and place them well;
3rd, thread the needle through yellow colored cotton thread, then sew 6 balls in a line as shown.

Step 2: Sew up the chenille stems balls

1st, continue to sew the chenille stem balls in line and place them organized. Sew the needle through the first chenille stem balls in each line;
2nd, continue to sew up the other lines in sequence, and finally trim off the extra thread.

Here comes the final look of my colorful chenille stem ball cup mat!

Making a colorful chenille stem ball mug rug is so easy that you can actually make it a Children’s Day family project and ask you kids to roll the stems, and you just show them to sew up the balls. I think the chenille stems are necessary material for kid’s crafting, so make use of it!



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