Beebeecraft DIY Charm Bracelet Tutorial – How to Make a Wire Bangle Bracelet

Summary: Do you know how to make a wire bangle bracelet? In this tutorial, we will teach you to make it with the wires in

Have you imaged that you can make a wire bangle bracelet just with string materials wires? Actually we will do it for you. This is definitely a charm bracelet. You’ll love it. Next, please follow our steps to make it.

4 steps to make wire bangle bracelet:

Jewelry craft supplies you will need:

Aluminum wire

Jewelry string brass wire

  1. Cut two aluminum wires with the same enough length to make bracelet. And make them into open circle.
  2. Make loops with their two ends.
  3. Wrap the brass wire around the two aluminum circle together. Cut off the extra wire.

Done! I don’t think it will take you much time to make it. And this wire bangle bracelet is very personalized. You’ll be very outstanding in the crowd.



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