Be Sure To Follow These Crucial Dubai Electrical Safety Practices

The safe use of electrical systems and appliances is something that we’re almost all highly aware of the importance of – but sadly, not everyone actually heeds the frequent warnings, with potentially fatal consequences.

So, what are some of the tips we would give you for ensuring you and your family, friends and/or colleagues stay safe when handling electricals at your Dubai home or commercial premises?

  • Never use any appliance that shows some form of discernible damage – such as cut, worn or frayed cords or cables, or faulty or broken switches
  • Never overload electricity sockets. That means not plugging multiple electrical appliances into a single outlet or extension cord, given the risk this poses of damaging your property’s electrical system or even causing a fire
  • Immediately repair or replace any blown fuse. In the event that any electrical appliance of yours repeatedly blows the fuse or trips a circuit breaker, it is vital to immediately disconnect it and replace it with a new one, or have it repaired by a licensed electrical professional such as one of our own maintenance experts here at Renovo
  • Only allow electrical work to be performed by an authorised, trained and competent person. This relates closely to the aforementioned point; ultimately, it is infinitely better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the use, maintenance and repair of electrical systems
  • Never try to fix an electrical appliance if you haven’t been trained to do so. It doesn’t matter whether you “fancy your chances” or “have fixed something similar before” – no one lacking a suitably expert and specific level of training should ever attempt to do repair work on an electrical appliance themselves
  • Train your staff in the dangers of electrical hazards. It may not be you, but instead one of your firm’s employees who is the first to encounter a particular electrical hazard in your workplace – that is, if they even recognise the hazard as a hazard. This is why a good level of awareness training is necessary, along with training in basic first-aid for electric shock
  • Follow common-sense procedures for keeping your children safe at home. Don’t, for example, allow your children to walk wet straight into the house from the rain or a swimming pool, given the various electrical sources in your property that could imperil their safety. Get them to completely dry first before permitting them to enter the house
  • Sign up for a Renovo annual maintenance contract. By undertaking to have your residential or commercial premises in Dubai routinely checked, you can ensure whatever electrical hazards may emerge over time are swiftly identified and professionally and safely resolved

Contact the Renovo team today to discuss your requirements from such an Annual Maintenance Contract, or any of the other priorities you may have for the maintenance of your Dubai residential or business property.

Our team is always delighted to provide tailored and good-value packages that suit the immediate practical needs and budgets of property owners and landlords alike.




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