Back Pain Chiropractor: Things You Should Know

Almost all of us suffer from back pain at some point of our life. The typical options to get rid of such issues is either medication or surgery. But, both of them have some sort of side effects. Also, they don’t guarantee fixing the root cause. This is where back pain chiropractor from San Jose come into the picture. To help you understand more about them, we have discussed different aspects.

Here we go…

Who is a chiropractor?

A medical professional responsible for diagnosing and treating neuromuscular disorders through manipulation of the spine is referred to as a chiropractor.

Conditions they treat

The individuals visit chiropractor mainly for the treatment of back pain. Other conditions treated by a chiropractor include headache, shoulder pain, neck pain, and even leg pain. Numerous chiropractors even treat the injuries that occur during an accident, such as seat belt injury.

Diagnosis by a chiropractor

This is done at various levels. The patient describes the symptoms and issues in detail, which includes the frequency and duration of symptoms. The specific problems like burning or throbbing are also shared by patients. The next step is analysis of family history, occupational history, and lifestyle. To understand the issue in detail, a chiropractor motion and static palpation techniques, along with X-rays of the problem area. A combination of all these methods help in reaching the conclusion.

Chiropractic treatment

After identifying the cause of the issue, a chiropractor performs spinal manipulation as a part of the treatment. He/she applies a short, high-velocity arm thrust to a vertebra. The patients often hear release of gas, including oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. This, ultimately, results in release of joint pressure. In case the surrounding muscles are in spasm, the patient might experience a minor discomfort, which is often temporary.

Additional therapies

The treatment by a chiropractor isn’t limited to spinal manipulation. It also involves a set of exercises in the San Jose chiropractic center and at home. Your San Jose Chiropractor might also recommend dietary plan to fasten up the recovery process. The professionals at Back To Back Chiropractic also use cold laser therapy and kinesio taping for better recovery.

Number of visits

To get the best results, patients need to visit the chiropractor more than once. The number of visits depends on the type of problem you are facing and its intensity. The San Jose Chiropractor you have chosen also decides how many visits are required to fix the issue.

Best San Jose Chiropractor

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