Baby’s First Doctor Visit – Questions to Ask Your Pediatricians!

Bringing home a new baby is the happiest moments which one will never forget. But with lots of happiness, it brings up some questions about newborn baby’s care. Asking the right questions from your pediatrician makes you get lots of information which makes it easy to care for your newborn kid. This list of questions will allow you to get the most at your first doctor visit.

Here is a list of the questions which you should ask your doctor at first visit.

No matter whether you already have a kid or it is your first time but care for your baby is same thus the questions will be the same. Most of the newborn baby moms have sleepless nights, a doctor will guide to care for you and your baby.

If you don’t know which questions you should ask then make a list of the questions first and then visit your doctor. Let us have a look at various questions.

Questions to ask regarding feeding?

● How often should I feed my newborn baby?

● How can I come to know that my newborn baby is getting enough feed or breast milk?

● How can I come to know that my newborn baby is getting enough amount of vitamin D?

Questions to ask regarding newborn sleep?

● How can I make sure that my newborn baby is sleeping safely when I need to do household work?

● Is the pattern of my newborn sleep is the same as that of other babies?

● When should my newborn baby sleep through the night and what can I do to help my baby?

● Can I wake up my kid when one is sleeping?

● Should I have a bedtime schedule? If yes then please help us to make it.

● How can I help my baby when one will not sleep?

● How many hours of sleep is better for a newborn baby?

● What is the best way to sleep with the baby and where should my baby sleep?

Other important questions to ask?

● What should I expect to have in my baby’s diaper thus baby can wear it comfortably without getting rashes?

● What is the best time to give bathe to my newborn baby?

● How often should my baby have stool pass?

● What will be the color of my baby’s stool and when it will get changed?

● How often should I give bathe to my newborn baby?

● How can I trim nails of my newborn baby with ease?

● How can I respond to when my newborn baby is crying?

● What accessories toys should I have for my newborn baby?

● Which lotion can I use apply after giving bathe to my newborn baby?

● Can you provide us with 24 hours on-call support?


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