Avoid These 6 Foods for Better Bladder Health


Certain people encounter the condition of overactive bladder, and in such cases, it is essential that you need to avoid certain food and drinks that can worsen the condition, leading you to use the bathroom more often. Health Care advisors may also recommend keeping away certain foods to ease the condition. The Kansas City urology experts recommend avoiding the following foods from your diet to avoid any complications:

1. Tomatoes:

Tomatoes can adversely impact the lining of the bladder, which is why it is important to avoid both tomatoes and tomato based foods. Anyone with this condition will have to avoid consuming foods such as tomato cheese, tomato soup, salsa, pasta and ketchup as well. Ketchup contains vinegar, which is an acidic food that isn’t good for your bladder. Also avoid using canned tomatoes at any cost because they are even more acidic due to the presence of preservatives.

2. Citrus fruits:

Yes, fresh produce is indeed a healthy diet, however people who face overactive bladder problems will have to keep citrus fruits at bay. Some of such acidic foods include lime, grapefruit, lemons and oranges. This will also include juices and other drinks including orange juice and lemonade. You can instead opt for fruits such as persimmons, honeydew, watermelon, lychees, and even bananas because they are all less acidic. You can also mix the fruit juice with water to reduce its acidic content.

3. Tea and coffee:

Coffee and tea should be totally avoided. This is because, it is discovered that caffeine can enhance the symptoms of overactive bladder, thus leading to frequent urination. It is also ideal to avoid decaf as it is not totally caffeine-free. Healthcare professionals suggest using peppermint tea or chamomile in the morning, as they do not have caffeine content.

4. Spicy foods:

Spicy foods are a complete no-no. Eating hot and spicy foods such as Buffalo wings, curry, Chicken tinga, salsa, hot sauce and more can possibly lead to increased bladder pain while intensifying the symptoms of an overactive bladder. You can also reduce the level of spices in your meals. When you are dining out at the restaurant, opt for less spicy foods, or you could request the chef to reduce spice content in your food.

5. Chocolate:

In addition to caffeine, you should also avoid chocolate to reduce the symptoms of overactive bladder. This is due to the caffeine content in chocolate. Dark chocolate, in particular, will have relatively more caffeine in it. Opt for high quality chocolate as it doesn’t have cocoa, and therefore will be free from caffeine.

6. Alcohol:

Alcohol should be off limits. This is due to the fact that consumption of alcoholic drinks including wine, beer and liquor can irritate your bladder, lead to dehydration and other symptoms.

Make sure you avoid the aforementioned food and drinks for an easy recovery. Get in touch with a professional Kansas City urology care expert for more assistance.

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