Avoid Ants by Taking Care and Disposing of Trash Properly

Over the course of ten years, the average home will generate more than a ton of garbage. Often there have been debates about the best way to quickly and effectively dispose of this waste. Many municipal governments have searched for the best way to dispose of garbage, including the separation of wet and dry items. Many concerned citizens prefer to recycle as much of their household waste as possible. Improper handling of household waste is often an open invitation to ants and other pests.

You can find ants all around the world, no matter what the climate or conditions. No matter what you use to remove them from your home chances are they will come running back in again. It does not matter if you use herbal remedies or toxic chemicals the ants are likely to return in just a matter of time.

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Ants and Waste

Why are ants attracted to your garbage? Most of the time ants enter our homes in search of food. Since the kitchen garbage is often filled with food items, it makes sense that it would attract the attention of the ants. Wet garbage is your most pressing concern when it comes to eliminating ants.

Any trash items that are created during the cooking process should be dealt with immediately. Always place them directly in the trash instead of leaving them on the countertop or in the sink. Ants are almost instantly attracted by the smell of food, so you need to deal with these items as soon as you can. Always use a kitchen garbage can with a lid.

The use of a tight-fitting lid will prevent ants and flies from entering your garbage can. Sealing the garbage bag prior to sleeping at night is another important step. Filled bags should always be kept outdoors until they are picked up by your refuse company.

A Look at Ant Colonies

One of the main reasons why ants will continue to return is that while you may have driven away from the ants that you see there are thousands more back in the colony who are just waiting to set out is the search of food and moisture. You will never get rid of ants until the queen of the colony is destroyed. The queen stays in the colony laying eggs for new ants. This is why new ants keep coming no matter what you do to get rid of them. Destroying the colony, especially the queen is vital for removing ants from your home.

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Disposing of Waste Properly

Ants will travel just about anywhere in search of food. Especially good places for ants to find food include kitchens, dining rooms, restaurants, and mall food courts. Often you will see them along the windowpanes looking for a point of entry. Make sure your house is properly sealed to prevent ants from gaining access. Ants often set up their colonies around hinges and slashing around chimneys.

Preventing ants is much more important than the remedies you can use to treat ants once they have made their way into your home. One key way to prevent ants is to properly dispose of any stale or unused food in your home.

The techniques mentioned above by Geelong Pest Control experts will help you to prevent ants from entering your home in search of food. Since your kitchen garbage is filled with foodstuff which attracts ants it makes sense to deal with it properly.



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