Ask these 4 Questions Before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer


When you or some person you know has been injured, you need to make quick decisions. Apart from offering medical attention and treatment for the injured, you also would need to recover the damages caused. To get a fair compensation for the losses incurred, you need the assistance of proficient criminal injury lawyers in Perth. Before hiring an attorney, ask these 4 important questions to ensure you are dealing with the right person for the job:

“Do you Particularly Specialise in Personal Injury?”

To work on your personal injury case, you obviously need to make sure that the lawyer you hire specialises in personal injury cases. Different lawyers specialise in different areas of law, and will have multiple skills relating to them. To increase the chances of success, make sure you are hiring someone who is an expert in personal injury law.

“Have You Dealt with Similar Cases in the Past? What were the Outcomes?”

A lawyer should not just have the knowledge about personal injury law, but they also must have the skills and experience in the same. Several jurisdictions now usually allow workers compensation lawyers in Perth to share relevant information about previous cases they have worked upon and its associated results, hence ask about it whenever possible. While it is not recommended to judge a lawyer merely on their past performance, it is still a good indicator as to what you could expect off them.

“How Long Would it take for the Case to be Resolved?”

As you are dealing with medical expenses, it is necessary to know how long would it approximately take for the lawyer to resolve the case and obtain the compensation. The duration of a trial usually depends on several factors, hence it is not possible for anyone to give you an exact time period. However, workers compensation lawyers in Perth could still give you an estimate, provided they have experience working on cases similar to yours.

“Could you do Anything to Improve the Chances of Success?”

Most people expect to simply sit back and wait for their compensation to arrive as they hire public liability lawyers in Perth, however that’s not how it’s done. To improve the chances of success, you will have to collaboratively work with your attorney. The lawyer would require you to meet different doctors, talk to investigators, and get actively involved in the case. In the meantime, your lawyer will do everything to get you a fair compensation.

Start with these aforementioned basic questions and see if they are confident enough in answering them. Also try to get referrals from people you know, as well as from professional associations to discover qualified attorneys.

The author is one of the recognised criminal injury lawyers in Perth working in a leading law firm. This article lists fundamental questions one shall ask an attorney before hiring them. For more, visit



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