Arsenal to Barcelona 60 million small French standard

According to “Daily Star” said the law in order to further the departure of the little obstacles, Arsenal prepare bid for the Spanish international, 60 million pounds. It is reported that the program next season, manager Arsene Wenger is still the small law as the central figure, but in addition to Barcelona last summer, also joined the battle for Manchester City this summer, but the two teams offer only about 40 million pounds. “Daily Star” that is unlikely to join the small law another Premier League club, but Arsenal, in want to use 60 million pounds price tag for Barcelona prohibitive.

Wenger this week before the Premier League conference, said: “Small law, I have been asked many times, I hope that next season he is still for the team, I will make every effort to keep him. As long as your team has such a high level of his players, you will encounter trouble. Fabregas 38 this season, played just 25 Premiership games next season I hope he can play 30-38 games That would be a positive impact on the team. ”

“Joining another team will ensure you get the trophy? I think that a captain, the greatest responsibility and honor is loyalty to their team, helping his team win the trophy. If you can not get the trophy to Wedding gowns want to go, where he also can not go. I believe that the essence of sport is loyal to his team, not just wanted to Dangtao Bing backfire. ”

While Wenger is still a tough attitude, but Barca apparently did not intend to abandon the acquisition of a small law. According to “Daily Mail” revealed that Barcelona have been identified officially launched to the small law date of acquisition, that is, May 29, that is, the day after the Champions League, Barca do not want to transfer and the signings of the team Preparing for Cheap wedding dress battle with Manchester United at Wembley in the ultimate showdown. “Daily Mail” says that if Barcelona won the European Cup at Wembley, they may temporarily postpone the purchase of a small law, but if lost, the game will open high-level negotiations on the next day Barcelona.

According to Spain, “World Sports Daily,” said Barca’s offer will be only 26.5 million pounds, plus two fringe players to Arsenal in the pick the right one. Do not say that 60 million pounds, even if Barcelona and the previous offer of 45 million pounds Arsenal marked than is different with Arsenal Jersey. The Italian news media, AC Milan is also interested in the summer to 35 million pounds or 25 million in cash plus player offer, 加入法布雷加斯 battle.



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