An Overview on Social Media Marketing in China

As per China Internet Network Information Center studies, the whooping pool of its social media users is more than 320 million, which is equivalent to the total populace of The UK, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain. On average Chinese online users spend above 40% of their time on social platforms. The database can sound simply mouth-watering to any prospective businessperson planning to get started in China market.

In China, however, you cannot get the social media sites popular in Western Globe due to the banning. Think of hiring a SEO consultant specializing in china market who can offer you all guidelines about top popular social platforms to initiate well-planned social media marketing in China.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing in China

• Enhance brand recognition among increasing number of users;

• Help in brand petitioning;

• High potential to attract traffic;

• Great tool to customer communication;

• Increase brand loyalty with much better customer services;

• Superior customer monitoring and outreach;

• Cost effective marketing tool;

The Market

Amidst the prevalent social media sites, two are best choice to businesspeople due to their high popularity, versatility, and productivity. Knowing about these two platforms is vital for you to make an initial homework.


WeChat is wonderfully designed combining the facilities of Facebook and WhatsApp, which has made it the largest popular among social media users in China. It can equally integrate text message, visual cues, sound, chat apart from having wallet system. It also offers paid advertising scopes refer to WeChat Moments Advertising, which offer a superior positioning in social sites.


Second largest popular social networks in China and it can offer you equivalent service that you receive via Twitter. Weibo presents its services in two distinct brands and that are Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo. Sina boasts of having more members that Twitter. You can include videos in the text and images in its user-friendly platform.

Choose WeChat to Begin Social Media Marketing in China

Compared Weibo, WeChat is gaining faster popularity to business people intended to enter in social media marketing in China due to its more advantages and versatility. Top three plus points of WeChat social network:

 WeChat is mainly mobile based

WeChat’s functionality and controls are absolutely mobile-friendly while Weibo is fitting for desktops. Considering the fast increasing trend of mobile users and their time spending in the devices, no wonder, WeChat can serve you best to get maximum traffic with enhanced sales.

 Add-on Services

WeChat has been equipped with brilliant add-on services making it popular to users. For example, WeChat offers wallet payment service, which has become essential in online marketing.

 International Reach

Being the largest and most consistent social media site, it is now expending it wing internationally and is becoming a familiar name even outside of China. This is an appealing feature to prospective businesspersons.


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