An Overview of Common Types of Construction Site Injury


According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, “one in ten construction workers are injured every year. The construction industry is in the second position in the United States for fatal injuries in workers younger than 18.”

It is no secret that construction is the most dangerous industry than the rest. With the heavy machinery, debris, working conditions, and other hazards present at the site, the probability of getting injured are high.The construction workers must stay vigilant while working as they frequently put their lives on the line to get the job done. It is the responsibility of the contractors to ensure the safety of the workers. Often, the construction site injury happens due to lack of planning, poor communication, and fail to warn workers of potential dangers that may be present.

Why should you seek professional help?

If you have been injured in a construction accident, you may or may not have been lost your job based on the injuries you have incurred. While worker’s compensation can help you recover and get back to work, your employee or insurer may not cover the full extent of your injuries or even deny your claims. This is why you need to speak with the Albuquerque personal injury attorney as they can assist you in getting all the benefits you are entitled to.

Here are the most common types of injuries on construction site.


Slips, trips, and falls are common injuries in the construction zone, and it accounts for about 39% of fatalities. Falls can occur anywhere in construction work, and the workers may fall from the building, floor to floor, or from scaffolding. They even fall off from high equipment such as ladders. The lack of fall protection is the significant reasons for the fall injuries, and it is one of the most often violated OSHA standards.

Struck by an object

According to OSHA, workers struck by an object are the second source of injuries in a construction zone, and it accounts for about 10% of fatalities. Workers can be hit by materials that fall or by moving equipment.


Electrocution can cause severe injuries, and it is the cause of over 8% construction fatalities. The workers should go the extra mile to ensure no wires are exposed on the construction site. Injuries due to electrocution, explosion, and fire can be severe and cause dismemberment, burns, and severe wounds.

Caught between machinery or equipment

Workers can be caught between or inside the objects or heavy equipment. It could be walls, trucks, collapsing structure, etc. This often crushes and squeezes the stuck employee.

If you have been the victim of an accident at a construction site, it is essential to approach a reputed personal injury law firm in Albuquerque and speak with the personal injury attorney Albuquerque nm to handle your case as they are experienced and well-equipped to go against insurance companies who deny the compensation you deserve.

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