All You Should Know About Respite Care for Older Adult

Personal care can alleviate the stresses that elderly people suffer through on a daily basis, create a safe environment for them in their home, plus provide some much-needed company for those who have been left alone. Respite care for older adult can be an amazing help for the family members who are caring for their loved ones 24/7.

Every day, those who care for their elderly loved ones have to face many difficulties and challenges. This is because caregiving is a demanding job, and no individual is prepared and strong enough to handle it alone. However, because one’s health is vital for his senior loved one’s well-being, both of them should get the right help when needed. This is the true essence of respite care, to give one temporary break to help restore his energy, relieve stress, and enhance his sense of balance.

Define a respite care

  • Respite care is a temporary, short-term care arrangement where an older person is cared for by someone other than their regular carer. Respite care may take place in the person’s own home, through Community Care services, or involve a stay of a few days to a few weeks in a residential care home.
  • Respite care gives carers and family members the opportunity to recharge, take a short break and attend to daily life, knowing that their family member is being looked after.
  • Despite how fulfilling it can be, caring for another person, whether full time or part time, can take a toll on the carer or carers. Sometimes, carers need time to take a break and recharge, travel for work, or tend to their own healthcare needs. This is where respite care comes into play.
  • Respite care is also popular it is a form of short-term care and support for the caregivers. It gives the chance to older adults to balance their life or to do other works when the elders are in specialized and professional hands. The professional services include personal care services, companionship, transportation to and from appointments, light housekeeping, meal preparation, personal hygiene and grooming assistance, bathing and dressing assistance, activities and engagement, and many more. These services can be customized as per one’s loved one’s needs as the services are designed to ensure his/her elders receive only the best supervision.

Assistance with personal hygiene

The older one would get, the more difficult it is to move, whether that’s making one’s way up the stairs or climbing into the bath. Bathing is very hard for those with such limited movement, and a bad attempt could lead to a fall which could break bones and result in further medical complications. Personal carers help seniors to get in and out of the bath, or into the shower, without the risk of injuring themselves. They will also help wash them in areas that have become more difficult for them to reach e.g. the back and the feet. Personal hygiene assistance extends to brushing their teeth, combing their hair and helping them put on a clean set of clothes. This is understandably undignified for both the personal carer and the person in care, but it is a necessary part of looking after someone. Personal care encompasses every aspect of an elderly person’s day-to-day life. One can also look for reliable respite care that would offer emergency respite care and placement in Melbourne at an affordable cost.


Respite care for older adult can be a practical and helpful solution when recovering from an illness, an injury or returning home from the hospital. A short stay in a residential home provides an individual with 24-hour support while he would recuperate and get back on his feet.

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