All You Need to Know About Hosted Exchange Solutions

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most used email clients in the world. Business organizations especially rely on this email solution given that it’s one of the most popular and one of the best email solutions out there. Apart from email there are many other integrated solutions like calendar, meeting, tasks, messaging etc. that are interlinked with the primary email account. To access this service, business organizations must host their data from the application using a server. They can either host their own server or make use of hosted exchange solutions. In this article we will talk about the latter approach, know all about it and talk about the benefits it offers to business organizations.

What are Hosted Exchange Solutions?

They are nothing but solutions that enable business organizations to use Outlook services without having to host their own email server. Servers are high maintenance IT solutions that need initial investments and a dedicated IT team to maintain them. Companies that don’t have the capabilities to make this initial investment or maintain an email server on their own can take the help of third party vendors who offer hosted exchange solutions.

What are the benefits of this service?

Apart from not having to host your own email server, there are many other benefits of hosted exchange services. Business organizations can make use of these benefits to increase their efficiency, cut down their costs and still use the best email solution available.

1. High ROI

The problem with having on-premise solutions is that they incur a lot of costs apart from the initial investments made. Cost of license, anti-virus, anti-spam software, maintenance of the server, salary of the IT maintaining the server, repairs etc., the list is endless. With hosted exchange solutions you don’t have to worry about any of these costs and earn your payback within months.

2. Scalable

Another advantage of hosted exchange solutions is that they don’t have scalability issues. Whether your requirement increases over time or decreases, you can avail all the email services that you need for your organization as per your requirements. You won’t be able to have this flexibility when you host your own email server.

3. Additional Email Services

Apart from providing hosted exchange solutions, the email service providers offer many other services that you might be interested. Spam filtering services, internet security services, email continuity services are few of the most common services you can expect from these providers. These providers can be your one-stop solution and also offer you a discount if you take up multiple services.

4. No Downtime

Email downtime is one of the pressing issues in business organizations. Not having email services even for a few hours can result in losses for many business organizations. The providers offering hosted exchange solutions employ the best, enterprise-class infrastructure, have the best IT teams working on it to ensure you have 100% uptime. offers a wide range of email protection and security services including secure email archiving, encryption, continuity, email shadowing, inbound and outbound filtering, POP email hosting, hosted exchange, etc.for enterprises, small business, government and educational institutions worldwide. To learn more, visit



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