Affordable Yoga Mat Bags – Accessories for Yoga Beginners!

When choosing a yoga mat, you have all the right to be picky since there are plethora of options available. The material, style, design, the level of thickness, and affordable prices are key factors that anyone considers when purchasing a perfect yoga mat.

The Accel is the new and amazing shoulder Yoga Mat Bag designed for the no fuss and fashion concerned woman who knows how to pack a punch. This bag is an ideal companion for trips to the gym or studio and is also available in various customizable compartment options.

Features of The Accel-

1. The Accel bag is a must have as the bag has space for almost anything. The bag has a wonderful design. There is an adjustable interior compartment for in order to organize stuff in a customized manner. There are four zip pockets in the interior of the Yoga Mat Bag to store the essentials in an organized manner. The Yoga Mat Bag also contains extra- padded zip compartments in order to keep highly delicate items like Kindle, iPad or books.

2. There are also special compartments made to store the Yoga Mats for your ease to carry.

3. The bag is the best choice in case of travelling due to its number of pocket facilities. The bag is designed keeping in mind all the travelling requirements. The signature design of Yoga Mat Bag has a number of features in its interior as well as the exterior in the other rm of water bottle compartments. Also, there is a separate compartment in the front of the Yoga Mat Bag for phone, wallet, and fast¬-access items.

4. The bag is made up premium quality material. It is reinforced by the durable quality metal hardware. The bag also has a Plush back¬ padding with premium seatbelt straps.

Material Used- Since these bags come with a lifetime guarantee; one should make this investment judiciously. Hence it is important to know the material used. The exterior of the bag is made up of top grade nylon which is lightweight in nature. The interior of the bag is lined with Signature Crimson Liner and it is patched with Signature LW patch.


Before buying any gym bag it is important to check the size and the weight of the bag since it will ensure the suitability of the bag for the user. The weight of the bag is 2lbs. The size of the bag goes as follows:

• Length – 15 inches

• Height -11 inches

• Base width -6 inches


The care of Yoga Mat bags is really important as they are used regularly and are prone to dirt due to inefficient caring. There are two ways to clean these bags:

• Water and Wipe- It is advisable to use a damp cold cloth with water to wipe any excess dirt.

• Spot Cleaning- It is advisable to mild soap and test on small area before using all over.


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