Adventure activities that attract all visitors to Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett national park is not at all limited to jungle safari. There is much more to do than you can expect in terms of adventure and thrill. This mega reserve is one of its kinds and you can indulge yourself in adventure activities. You can take part in Best Adventure Activities as long as you want. With the presence of dense Sal forests, foothills, grasslands, and vegetation, this national park has the perfect setting for bird watching. Almost all travelers love to go for bird watching and find as many types of these sweet little creatures as much as they can. When it comes to the total number of bird’s species you can watch at Jim Corbett, you will be surprised to know that there exist more than 600 bird species alone at this enormous park. Kingfisher, babbler, dove, finch, Cinnamon Bittern, Cattle Egret, Night Heron, Great White Pelican and a lot more there. If you really want to know about these beautiful little creatures then you should go with bird watching whenever you come to Jim Corbett.

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Another adventure activity that is surely going to move your eyeballs is river rafting. It is a spine-tingling adventure activity that will give you a thrilling experience. Kosi River, near to Jim Corbett is considered excellent for river rafting. Individuals of all age can take part in this activity but have to follow all the safety and security measures. The rapids at Kosi River are of grade 2 and 3 which will really make your river rafting experience worthy. Not only river rafting, but if you love water sports then fishing and angling is for you. Corbett National Park is known all across India for fishing and angling. The Ramganga River has an abode population of fishes especially Goonch and Mahser. You can also go for Kosi River as well for fishing and angling. Apart from these three activities, there is much more like Rock climbing, cycling, trekking, body surfing and other sports which you must take part in during your trip.

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There are many resorts available for booking these adventure activities packages and rooms for your stay. However when it comes to one of the Top resorts at Jim Corbett that offers exclusive and premium quality services to all guests then IRIS Resort stands second to none. It has been the best place where you can unwind the adventure at Jim Corbett. IRIS Resort is one of the finest stay accommodations that present you the world class room service and royal stay experience. You will get well furnished and fully equipped rooms with the view of beautiful nature. Just visit their website and pre-book your room and adventure activity packages.

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