Advantages of Electronic Quality Management System (eQMS) Over Paper-Based System

A quality management system (QMS) is defined as a formalized system where a set of processes implemented and defined to enable an organisation to satisfy the needs of their customers. In other terms, a quality management system is a documented approach that guides all departments of an organisation as well as levels of management and suppliers of the organisation in matching towards their main goal that is understanding the needs of their customers and requirements and delivering the product and services depending upon their needs. As a company or organisation owner, if you want to excel in satisfying the needs of your customers then no matter whether your company has an inbuilt quality team are not, having QMS is very important for your organisation.

Today, in this era of Internet and digital technology, each and every organisation and business is continuously striving to adapt to the new changes in the digital world. This is the reason electronic quality management system (eQMS) has gained huge popularity amongst organisations that are now embracing it because of its enormous benefits to the company, its clients and products over the paper-based QMS. Gone are those days when many organisations used to believe that quality management system is all about having a particular set of documents about the company stored in the library so that staff can use those documents when necessary. But with the development of a paperless system that is Electronic quality management system, it helps to define what a company or organisation does and what it expects from its employees or staff to do in a detailed manner.

The organisations which are using paper-based quality management system facing a lot of difficulties to maintain because a lot of time is wasted in search of papers and documents within the different sections of the organisation and also with the help of paper-based QMS, it is difficult to carry out their duties efficiently. So, the best solution is to invest in a good electronic quality management system like Orcanos eQMS which is very easy to maintain and it can make all the online available information to be easily audited, any new changes can be made and can communicate quickly to all the members of the staff.

By using Orcanos QMS quality management system, you get the chance to keep all the required necessary information in order to control the quality processes in a single point of access. Orcanos QMS enables organizations to eliminate paper-based quality processes while adhering to all the FDA and ISO regulations and quality standards. The main benefits of Orcanos eQMS are that it provides easy to use and professional tools that allow you to build your quality management system within hours.

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