Additional Techniques Used by Chiropractor for Better Recovery

If you know a little bit about chiropractic care, you might be aware of spinal manipulations used for treating back pain. Various chiropractors from San Jose use additional techniques to ensure faster and better recovery.

In this article, we have talked about the essential ones.

Cold Laser

Also known as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), cold laser utilizes a particular wavelength of light for healing. The chiropractors use place the laser over the affected for 30 seconds to a few minutes. Back pain, arthritis, whiplash, and numerous other issues can be treated with this therapy.

Kinesio Tape

Another popular form of treatment, kinesio tape interferes with the pain signals of your body that are directed to the brain. It is possible to remove inflammation quickly with kinesio taping method. This treatment is also used to support the muscle structure, prevent future injury, or rehabilitate the affected area.


If done right, exercising can be highly beneficial if you are suffering from back, shoulder, or neck pain. The chiropractors from San Jose are well aware of this fact, which is why they emphasize on including exercise with spinal manipulation. These medical professions will guide on exercises to be performed at your home regularly for the best results. Don’t shy away from asking the doubts if you aren’t clear on how to perform a particular exercise. Doing it wrong can worsen the situation.


A reliable chiropractor gives you a diet plan that needs to be followed for better recovery. This will include all the necessary nutrients that your body requires to cure the pain and/or muscle repair.

Ask your chiropractor what he/she will include with the main treatment. At Back To Back Chiropractic, you can get access to all these forms of treatments discussed above. Learn more about this San Jose Chiropractic center from here:



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