Accurate Dosage and Positive Effect

At present, over 80 percent of magnesium oxide is low-end products. It has a huge market, but did not be transform. Only move to develop high-end product can magnesium oxide supplier truly walk away from low-margin model.

Magnesium oxide is a kind of inorganic salt and magnesium salt product. Because it widely applications, it takes an important role in many fields in medicine, food, tires, cables, thermal conductive plastics, fluorescence, glass fiber reinforced plastics, ceramics, etc. The quality of it is different from each other. For the high quality magnesium oxide, it should used to modify firstly, and then, it can achieve the desired effect with accurate dosage and much effect, just like the MSG. After deeply processed and added to medicine, food and silicon, the magnesium oxide can enhance the ability of product. In this way, high purity magnesium oxide realizes higher value applications. And the low-end magnesium oxide still can be used in some conventional fields, for instance, rubber, ceramics and so on. At present, the associated applications are already under way in the fields of medicine, food and so on. It will promote relevant industries to achieve technological upgrading in the next two to three years.

There are more than ten applications of domestic magnesium oxide. Compared with the foreign similar product, the price is very different. Meishen’s products have advanced process and a more favorable price. It has a lot of magnesium salt products: light magnesium oxide, food grade magnesium oxide and pharmaceutical grade magnesium oxide, magnesium oxide carbonate, magnesium oxide sulfate and so on. Welcome to visit and purchase.



Hu Allen

Meishen Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacture of magnesium oxide, magnesium carbonate, magnesium sulfate and zinc oxide for industrial, food and pharmaceutical applications. Meishen is established in September, 2003, and now it is developed a group company owns 3 professional plants produce magnesium commodities and specialties for diversified industries and several famous brands like MeiShen, XingMei and MeiTai. Meishen Technology Co., Ltd is the leader of both manufacture and market of Magnesium chemical industry in China, and well recognized by the customers all around the world.

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