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Abnormal vibration during vertical mill operation

The Vertical Roller Mill Manufacturer is a mill equipment specially developed for the processing of slag products such as blast furnace slag. It is mainly used for processing slag, cement, kaolin, limestone, calcite, steel slag and other materials. Compared with traditional mill equipment, vertical mill has many advantages, such as small system vibration, new grinding roller sealing device, safe and reliable processing of non-metallic mineral materials, large grindable material particles, stable equipment performance, easy installation and maintenance.

Since the vertical mill needs to be operated for a long time after starting up, it is not allowed to stop. Therefore, some unexpected situations may occur during this process. For example, abnormal vibration may affect the normal operation of the equipment. It is often the case that the vertical mill will experience vibration anomalies during actual operation, mostly due to improper operation. For example, if the layer is too thin, the material that can be ground can be reduced, which will reduce the production efficiency. At the same time, if the material is too thin, it may cause excessive vibration abnormality after contact between the grinding disc and the grinding roller.

In severe cases, the grinding machine equipment will be worn and cause great damage to the equipment. Therefore, it is very necessary to strictly control the thinness of the layer, and there are many reasons for affecting the thinness of the layer. For example, the factor and the grain size of the material will affect it. Due to its superior performance, the equipment has become a mainstream mill equipment widely used in cement, chemical, coal and electric power sectors.



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