Abandon the Stagnant Stress with Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is designed to relieve severe tension in the muscle and the connective tissue or fascia. This is often recommended for individuals who experience consistent pain, are involved in heavy physical activity (such as athletes), and patients who have sustained physical injury.
This kind of therapeutic massage is mostly recommended by a lot of doctors as a treatment option. This is a particular kind of massage therapy that focuses on the deep layers of muscle and physical outlook. By means of finger pressure and slow, firm strokes, deep tissue massage is used to treat multiple physical illnesses.

Things to keep in mind while following the treatment

  • Deep tissue massage itself is very similar to traditional therapies but have a slightly different hand movement. However, it is more of a focused movement versus a painful movement, as the hand positioning is slower, and the intensity of the pressure is more focused. For example, the therapist one would visit will focus the intensity of their hand strokes on the pain stricken and tensed muscles.
  • This concentration on specific areas, mixed with slower strokes and deep, direct pressure, helps to release chronic tension and as a result lowers pain.
  • Before going into this style of massage, there are some things that one should remember and be knowledgeable about. One should speak to the masseuse, he is visiting directly about his pain and any underlying health issues he might have. They will then devise a plan on how to manage these pains and utilize techniques that should help.
  • They professionals would pinpoint the adhesions causing his pain and knead them to help alleviate the issue. After the treatment, one might experience slight stiffness and soreness, but this should always subside within a couple of days.
  • Though it is often used for those who are dealing with chronic pain, for many this treatment can simply be used for relaxation purposes. Those who have experience sports injuries, osteoarthritis, muscle spasms, and have postural problems are also great candidates. Many find regular treatments to be extremely effective and see improved mobility practically immediately. Though instant improvement is usually seen, subsequent massages can help enhance these improvements and provide longer lasting results.


The deep tissue massage is a massage therapy that re-aligns layers of muscles and deep tissues to release muscle tension and chronic knots by breaking them down. Using deep finger pressure and slow but firm strokes, a deep tissue massage is especially helpful to relieve aches and pains in areas such neck, upper back, lower back, calf muscle and shoulders. Regular sessions of such massage can break up and over time, erase scar tissues. This treatment also improves lymphatic circulation and drainage to enhance flexibility of the affected area. One can also look for a reliable therapist who would offer complete assistance in Legs massage, and in home massage near me London.

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