A Photo Hanging System Will Protect Your New Collection

The long-time debate over whether photography is art is well and truly over if current investment figures are anything to go by. Photography is hot right now right across the board, from vintage and historic to modern.

Some magazines are referring to it as a new art form, but it is nothing of the sort. It was quite a thing in the Victoria era to collect photographs, albeit of a rather saucy nature. In the 1820s, artists such as Man Ray also used photography creatively, but it was more to inspired ideas.

Gallery Systems

Photojournalism and fashion photography have given us some of the most amazing pictures, although they have only recently started to be considered as collectables. For many people, photographs, as opposed to paintings, are more accessible and easier to understand.

For anyone considering starting a photographic collection, the following points will be helpful:

What to Collect

This really depends on why you are collecting photographs. If it’s purely for pleasure, anything goes. You could decide to start taking photographs yourself and have the best ones printed onto canvas or framed to hang on your wall.

If you are buying photographs as an investment, you’ll need to do some research. Back in 2014, Australian photographer Peter Lik made art history when he sold one of his photographs for $6.5 million. That’s one end of the scale, but you can start your collection for a lot less than that!

Historic photographs are now very collectable and sometimes you can find something priceless. One man paid $2 in an antique shop in California for a black and white shot of men playing croquet. Turns out, the picture was of Henry McCarty, aka Billy the Kid and his gang! As only the second known photograph of the outlaw, the picture is now worth millions. And even if it wasn’t worth that much, it would be a fascinating piece to own.

Presenting and Preserving Your Collection

Photographs can be just as affected by their environment as paintings, possibly even more so. UV light exposure is the biggest problem, as it can quickly fade and discolour photographs.

Choose a wall that has enough light to illuminate the collection but isn’t in direct sunlight. If you are framing the photographs with glass, you can find UV-resistant products.

The easiest way to hang your collection is by using a professional photo hanging system. This consists of a track, hangers and hooks and is a breeze to install. Hanging photographs has never been easier and you won’t damage your walls.

Gallery systems are now available to anyone to buy and the prices are very reasonable. Some, like Gallery System UK, offer the advantage of being able to add professional lighting on the same track.

What to Buy

If you can’t afford the original photograph find out if the photographer also has limited edition prints. Each print should be signed and numbered to show it is a limited print run; for example, it might say 1/10. Generally speaking, the number of the print makes no difference to its value, as long as it is a limited run.



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