A Guide to International Relocating with Your Family

Most people would agree that moving with family is a great challenge. While the reason behind relocation may be personal or professional, some members of your family (children, elderly, pets) would have a hard time accepting the decision, let alone the moving and resettlement process. Relocating can be particularly challenging if you are moving to another city or country. This blog is about how to make the transition easier for the whole family, particularly those relocating in UAE.  Here are some tips to make the process easier for you and your family:

Break the news to your family well in advance
This gives you time to discuss and explain your reasons and them the time to digest the news. Everybody may not be happy about the decision at first, and that’s what you need to work at. Prepare yourself for the negative reactions but don’t stop showing enthusiasm and excitement, specially to your kids. Enlighten them on the advantages of moving such as a better job, bigger house, more family time, better educational opportunities etc. Remember to be a good listener and reassure your family that you will do your best to help them overcome any difficulties. Deciding and announcing the decision early can also give you ample time to carry out all the necessary documentations.

Involve everybody
It is likely that some family members, especially children, may be feeling left out of the decision-making process. To deal with this issue, try to engage everybody in the process more. For instance, by having open discussions about their needs and wants, choosing the new house together, visiting the new town or city and showing them places of their interest there, etc. Make them feel that since it is a family event, everybody is welcomed to participate. Let the kids share suggestions and help out with packing. Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi have a great variety of places where you can take your children for entertainment and shopping. You could also visit places of worship, according to your faith. The elderly members of your family would particularly enjoy visits to the beautiful mosques in UAE.

Planning the Schedule
If you are free to set your moving schedule, here’s a suggestion: Discuss with your children, specially the teenagers, whether they would like to move during the school vacations or during the school year. Both the situations have their advantages and disadvantages so be sure to go over each of them with your kids and then choose one option. Also, let your children say goodbye to their friends and exchange new contact information. And assist them properly in making new friends when they move to the new house. Teens, particularly, find it really hard to leave behind their friends and school so be empathetic towards their feelings.

Hire Professional Movers
A great idea is to hire professional movers and packers. This will not only save your time and energy, but will also be cheaper and hassle-free. You can find a range of the most reliable moving companies of UAE on www.moversandpackers.ae such as Agarwal Movers and Packers. The time and energy that you save can be invested in your family so that you all can support each other emotionally throughout the relocation process.

Let the Professionals Do the Packing
Professional packers will take the perfect care of all your belongings, right down to the most sensitive, precious and specialty items. They are trained to use the best packing materials and techniques and know perfectly well how to sort out, load and unload everything. We all know how important some of our belongings are to us; they remind us of the beautiful memories that we want to keep forever. Under no circumstances can we bear to part with or lose those few special things. So, when you let packing companies shift your belongings securely, there won’t be any need to worry.

Special Attention to Your Pets
Most moving companies also assist you in shifting with a pet. They take great care to transfer all the little things that are part of your pet’s world so that it doesn’t get deprived of the familiarity that it needs. They can even transfer your fish aquarium or other exotic pets and it will be much cheaper to use their service rather than hiring a third-party mover.

Well, in the end, all I would say is that you know your family the best. Be creative and come up with tailor-cut solutions and ideas best suited to your family’s needs to make shifting actually fun for the whole family. I hope you enjoy relocating with your family and best of luck!

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