A Guide to Buying Baby Clothes for First 3 Months

Buying clothes for a newborn can be really fiddly. The best is to browse through baby clothes online in India and decide on what to buy. The range of clothes available online is comprehensive and gives you a rough idea about all the necessary baby clothing you should have. The article below too defines all the necessary clothing that you must keep ready for the first three months of his birth.


Entered your eighth month of pregnancy? Now is the time to start preparing for his arrival in the real world. A little preparation now goes a long way in keeping your baby safe and secure. Of all the things, your baby’s clothes are the first and the foremost thing that must grab your attention. Babies can be really messy and make you change their clothes several times in a day. So make sure that your newborn baby clothes list comprises of clothes that are uncomplicated, open easily for diaper changes and are made of highly soft materials.

While it’s hard to predict the size of clothes that would be best for his first few weeks post birth as most babies outgrow the newborn clothes quickly. Some babies completely skip the newborn sizes. However, there are some that out with preemie sizes only. It’s best to buy baby clothes online in different sizes and return the ones that seem too over-the-board.

Furthermore, it’s pretty difficult to state how many of each clothing item will you need more or less. It typically depends upon a lot of factors, especially laundry. Here in this post, we’ve shared a rough estimate of clothes that you’ll need and would have to shop.

One-piece outfits – 5 to 7 in number

New born dresses for 0-2 months involves buying one-piece outfits, basically spiffed-up jammies, as these make for perfect sleep time and play time clothes.

Shirts – 4 to 7 in number

Baby boy dresses for 0-2 months involves buying t-shirts and turtlenecks that have a lot of space for neck movement and easily slip over his head. Most baby clothes online in India for newborns come with one-piece style outfits that snap at the crotch. These too are highly advised.

Pull on Pants – 5 to 7 in number

Unlike one-pieces, leggings and pants allow easy access to the messy diapers. All you need to do is pull off the pants and change the diaper without the need to unhook the entire outfit and hook it back. Look for pants or leggings that are stretchable and fit easily on the baby’s diaper and belly.

Sweater or Jacket – 1 to 2 in number

For the winter months, have a sweater or jacket ready. Most babies do not like wearing a lot of warmers. It’s best to keep their body warm with a sweater or jacket that comfortably buttons down the front.

Socks and Booties – 4 to 7 in number

Though 4 to 7 is a number we’re quoting, you’ll need lots of them for indoors as well as outdoor travels. Have a few according to the summers and some as per the winter season.

Hats – 1 to 3 in number

Though most designer newborn baby clothes today, come with hats attached or as a part of the outfit, buy one or two to be on a safer side. Make sure that they are warm, soft and cover the ears during the winter months.



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