A Glimpse on Necklace Bail Repair


Women love wearing Necklaces and pendants. It is really a sentimental item for them to wear. If you have noticed, most people frequently touch or fiddle them while talking. While this could be a very normal habit, it can result in damaging the bail gradually or the part that bears the pendant.

Read on to know more about the necklace bail repair and why it is crucial to look into it immediately.

Understanding Bail

Bail is the connecting part of the pendant that joins with the chain. It is very tiny and is often the piece that is overlooked. It is very important, because, you cannot wear your pendant if the bail is broken and your chain will look incomplete without a pendant.

Bail comes in different shapes and various sizes. The simplest of the bail type is the Jump ring, or a small loop, which can be easily opened, or soldered and clamped together. While the other bails are a quite decorative piece, or they even form a part of the pendant, instead of a single piece.

Fixing a Broken Bail

An expert jeweler in jewelry repair in Albuquerque will first assess the situation and identify if the bail is completely missing or partially missing and advice the client accordingly.

– When the bail is completely missing – In that case, the jewelry stores in Albuquerque will consult with the client and supply a bail style that suits the taste of the client and the pendant. It is then attached directly to the pendant or a loop is soldered to the top of the pendant.

– Partially missing bail – A skilled goldsmith in jewelry repair in Albuquerque, will place the right metal and solder it to keep the loop closed. This will keep the chain and pendant intact so there is no chance of the chain slipping away.

– Spoiled Bail – The bail is keeping the chain and pendant together, but it is crushed. The jeweler will restore it back to its original condition. Still this repair process depends on the extent of the damage and the intensity of the material. The jeweler will offer the right recommendation to replace it entirely.

You might still wonder as to why bail is necessary? If you are wearing a normal piece of imitation jewelry, you will not even bother about losing the chain or pendant. But imagine if you are wearing diamond jewelry, if the bail has to be repaired, it can be done by the Albuquerque diamond jewelers, what if you never identify the condition of the bail at all and end up losing the diamond pendant. Well, it is wise to get your necklace examined by the best jeweler to maintain it in its best condition.

The author is a reputed jeweler who is an expert in jewelry repair in Albuquerque. He is a keen blogger who writes on various tips to care for jewelry. Visit https://www.m-diamond.com/ for more details.



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