A Finely Stacked Summer 2017

This summer it seems that the newest trend in jewelry will be stacking rings with names engraved on the jewelry. While consumers are just starting to pick up on this latest jewelry craze, designers must have predicted the popularity of stackable rings long ago, because merchants are carrying a number of options that can be worn all summer and loved for a long time after.

Here are a few of the reasons that stackable rings, particularly Stacking Rings With Names or other words on them, are gaining a lot of popularity this year.

A Beautiful Balance
One of the reasons stacking rings with names are destined to be extremely popular is that they offer a fine balance between minimal, delicate, simple jewelry and heavier, chunkier pieces. In the past few years, women have tended to prefer streamlined, simplistic pieces that convey a specific message. This can be seen through the number of small, silver and platinum pieces sold over the years that feature only an arrow, heart, or teardrop. This minimalist jewelry seems to be most popular with younger generations, as the desire to have something beautiful, but not bulky, has become a consistent feature in fashion and industry magazines, where it was not frequently seen before.

In contrast, chunky necklaces and big bracelets have started to fall by the wayside. Only on special occasions are women wearing heavy jewelry, but on those occasions they are selecting statement pieces that have an immediate and impressive effect. Whether it is a birthday party or big event, when it is time to show off a wrist or clavicle, women still want noticeable jewelry.

Somewhere in the happy medium between these two types of jewelry falls, the stackable ring. Each ring is slight and slender, which appeals to women who want to stick with delicate pieces, but when worn altogether, stacking rings with names on them can create a noticeable piece of jewelry.

Versatility is Key
If creating balance between slender and bulky wasn’t enough, stacking rings with names are a great way to gift a versatile piece of jewelry. Whether you know the recipient well, or are looking for a gift with wide appeal, stackable rings are a good bet. They are going to be seen everywhere this summer, whether women are poolside or bar-side because it is possible to wear multiple bands at a time for a night out or just wear a single band during the day.

This versatility is very alluring. There are few pieces of jewelry that can be dressed down for during the day, and still be worn with a beautiful dress or jumpsuit for a special event. Yet, stacking rings can transform with your outfit, and fit nearly any occasion.

Carefully Customized
Lastly, the customized aspect allows for gift givers to add something special to one of the rings. The entire point of stackable rings is allowing for various designs and styles to be worn on the same finger.  Together, all of the rings form a cohesive look, but each ring can be distinct from the others.

When you have a name, word, or message engraved on a stacking ring that single band becomes the focal point and center of the entire set. This becomes the band with the most significance because it was personalized for the wearer.

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