A File Lock Can Hide And Encrypt Your Sensitive Data

To understand the concept of this article, you need to understand what a lock really is. A lock is more than just a device that secures an entity. It holds a sentimental value for some, as it signifies safety, reliability and trust. You trust your lock to keep your bike safe. You trust your door lock to keep out the bad guys. When your doors, cabinets, drawer or whatever it may be, is locked, you feel content and confident that no one can steal your information. However, locks can be broken through various tools, this is reason why some people use more effective means to prevent outsiders from getting one. One example is the use of a deadbolt – the one that braces the entire door. Sure this may some a little over the top, but extreme situations require extreme measure – hence it may become a necessity to use that deadbolt. Similarly, car thieves cannot be deterred by simple door lock, most novice car thieves are easily able to unlock your car using a simple metal rod, thus in such case, an extreme measure is required. Accordingly, many people install car alarms on their vehicles that do more than just sound an alarm, door sensors are installed, remote engine cutoff switches are installed and other theft prevention systems are organized to work in sync with the car alarm.

Likewise, the default computer lock, be it on a laptop, smartphone or a tablet, is effective to some extent. For example, if your PC is unlocked, as is the case when using it, be it for browsing the internet, doing homework, doing research, watching a video or doing any other work, your PC is venerable. A simple default lock will not prevent you from keeping out remote hackers. Therefore, you need to be able to take extreme measures – and this requires the use of encryption software. However, first, let’s discuss what is encryption? Encryption is the process on encoding pieces of information that can only be decoded through a certain exclusive language. Morse code is a good example of early encryption techniques. Likewise, an effective encryption software uses the most complex and exclusive algorithm, currently, in relation to this, the AES-256-bit encryption standard is able to achieve effectively.

Likewise, the only file lock software that allows users to encrypt all their data is Folder Lock. Folder Lock allows the users to apply both high level and low level security for their files, folders and drives. For frequently used and accessed data, users have the option to simply drag and drop it into the Folder Lock’s interface which can locks and hides the data instantly. For more advanced protection, Folder Lock gives users the option to create a virtual locker in which users can secure their data. What’s more, each individual locker requires the user to setup a unique password which is protected with military grade encryption. In a nutshell, Folder Lock costs only a few dollars, but pays for itself.



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