a blond wig and long on the head

erminator has lost some of its luster. In an advertisement, which reads the teaser, Schwarzi swapped his manly clothes savior of humanity against a small shorts 80’s, a blonde wig and a bi-color headband. Much less reassuring but much more fun!

A image of Usain Bolt who was dressed as a woman for a commercial, the former governor of California has also proved he was humor. Already, he showed he could laugh himself in mocking his image as Mr. Muscle in the saga The Expendables. A self-mockery which had also marked his return in the spotlight since each of the two parts has nearly 2 million tickets in France alone. So successful, that the third episode, the cast of which he appears again, due out on our screens in August 2014.

So Arnold Schwarzenegger reiterated in caricature of the comic with this advertising for brand drinks Bud Light. A shot com which will undoubtedly make the buzz since it was filmed for the Super Bowl, this major sporting event on the other side of the Atlantic to be held on 2 February. It must be said that every year, on this occasion, the great names of American marketing are waging a war without thank you. It is one that will make the best advertisement. And last year, it is the computer company GoDaddy.com who had spoken to her with his advertising in which the supermodel Bar Refaeli embraced a “geek”. That of Bud Light, it will be broadcast in full during the match. Meanwhile, the distributor decided to unveil a piece of choice. And to our delight.

Indeed, we see an Arnold Schwarzenegger unrecognizable, molded into a small white shorts putting his impeccably hairless calves in value, a blond wig and long on the head, held by an antiperspirant headband. In sum, the spitting image of Björn Borg black hair, Swedish tennis player famous for years 70-80. Hopping, it heats up to a table tennis table with the missing flexibility of its 66 years. All on a synthetic music fashionable at the time when his attire was too.



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