How To Talk Dirty While Giving Head to a Guy

Giving head is an art and doing some dirty talking is absolutely crucial to giving your man the full experience.  It’s part of the show and it’s all about stroking your man’s delicate ego and building it up, until it explodes, literally.  He’ll lose his head.

Getting into the right position is very important and that position is on your knees whether he’s standing or sitting.  Get right in front of him, confidently, and show him that you’re going to suck his cock with vigor and vim.  Let him know that you’re going to faithfully take every inch of the that big beautiful cock down and swallow every last drop.  Tell him.  Tell him in vivid details.

A good segue is to mention how you were thinking about this all day, how you needed his big dick in your face and down your throat, as deep as it can possibly go.  Mention it softly and seductively, but don’t take too much of a break sucking, keep the sucking and the dirty talking flowing naturally into one another.  Suck.  Make a comment.  Then suck some more.

Keep eye contact the entire time, this is not a time to be shy.  Be confident and bold, take that cock, it’s all yours and you’re going to suck it dry.  Be sure to say things like, I bet you like that you naughty boy.  Express wonder in his cock’s size and power, it’s all about his ego.  Take him to places he’s only dreamed about in his wildest fantasies.

Every guy has insecurities about his penis size and power, I don’t care how big or powerful they are, use this knowledge.  Place his penis in your hands and tell him it’s the biggest cock you’re ever seen and you just can’t resist sucking on it all night long.  Tell him he needs to come down your throat, that that’s all you’ve been dreaming of all day… his hot come inside your belly.

Ask him, beg him, plead with him to feed you your dinner.  Any and every guy is going to go nuts for this, it goes directly to his primal masculine impulses.  He’s putty in your hands, your tiny little hands.

In addition to dirty talking, for added flair, throw in some slobbering, some gagging, some spitting and humming.  It’s not just about words, it’s about sounds and moans and facial expressions.  You’re going to blow him away.

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