6 Ways to Make Use of Natural Light in Your Redesign

No matter how your space is laid out, natural light can be a great way to make it feel bigger and brighter. Many individuals try to find ways to bring natural light into their space, thus highlighting the beautiful San Francisco architecture. With that in mind, let’s talk about 6 ways you can make use of natural light in the redesign of your space.

Consider Adding Skylights
One of the benefits of skylights is that they allow natural light into your space throughout the day. As the sun shifts, the natural light from vertical windows can become limited. Skylights capture more natural light throughout the day. Plus, this top light is three times brighter than the light coming from vertical mortgages. Even putting a skylight in an upper hallway can drench the whole space below that window with amazing natural light.
You can place them into various roofs, either flat or pitched. Be sure to check with your local government to make sure that you don’t need a building permit. Choosing skylights needs to include accounting for structural issues, as well as avoiding electrical or other aspects related to the running of your home.

Change Out Windows
One of the other ways to increase the natural light in your redesign is to invest in windows, particularly vertical ones that face east, south, or west. That means they can catch the most amount of sunlight.
You could also consider enlarging the windows that are already in place. It will let more natural light into your space without significantly changing the layout. However, changing windows means budgeting for the additional costs associated with it. Plus, choosing energy efficient windows can help add green design elements into your space.

Choose Light Furniture
One of the ways that natural light can be enhanced is by the choices you make in furniture pieces. If you choose dark furniture, especially in a space with minimal windows, then it can make a room feel even darker and closed off. Making the decision to pick lighter furniture pieces mean that you can make the space feel taller and brighter, even if you haven’t changed the windows at all. If you are worried about stains, then look for furniture is treated and easy to clean.

Add Pops of Color
Along with the light furniture pieces, you can choose various pops of color that complement the overall architecture of the room. Therefore, don’t just choose a dark or bright color, which will stick out like a sore thumb. The best option is to use color in pillows or find patterns that complements the overall design.
Don’t dismiss the power of your artwork choices as well. You can use slightly darker art pieces to give you the pop of color that you want.

Consider Hanging Mirrors
One of the benefits of natural light is that it can be magnified with the right tools in place. Mirrors can reflect natural light throughout a room, making it feel even bigger and more spacious. If you put it into a strategic spot, it can reflect the light from the window into other areas of the room where that natural light might not normally reach.
You can even use mirrors to help magnify your other lighting choices as well. Therefore, look at your room with a critical eye, and don’t be afraid to move the mirrors to find the best placement to maximize the natural light throughout your space.

Choose the Right Curtains or Window Coverings
Finally, choosing the right window coverings is key to maximizing the natural light, while maintaining privacy. You can use roller blinds, roman blinds, or awning blinds, which have style and functionality. They can harness the natural light and soften it to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.
The other benefit is that these window coverings can be adjusted to modulate the amount of natural light, therefore allowing you to benefit from more natural light when you are moving around within your redesigned space.

Clearly, there are a variety of ways that you can maximize natural light and highlight your San Francisco architecture. Using an architect who is familiar with San Francisco architecture, you can create a redesign that makes your space functional, but also full of light and color. Contact our experienced team today to discuss your redesign to maximize functionality today.

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