6 Types of Students Teachers Don’t Like

Every class has a variety of students and teachers have to face quite a lot of them as well. Do you ever wonder the types of students there could be out there? There are quite a lot of them and not all of them are the good ones. There are naught and weird ones as well. Following are the 6 types of students that teachers don’t really like as well.

Students who are always late

That is quite an obvious type to be hated by the teachers. The latecomers are disliked by all the teachers because looking at them t feels like that they don’t respect the timings and rules of the classroom or the school. When they arrive late, they often miss a part of the lecture and also cause disturbance in the class which distracts other students and breaks the rhythm of teachers.

Nerd students who are always anxious

Asking questions in the classroom and active participation is a great thing, but it does not mean that you ask irrelevant and a lot of them throughout the lecture. Some students are anxious and nervous to the point of getting a nervous breakdown which is definitely not a good thing. You should ask questions but the important and genuine ones only. If there are too many questions and that too irrelevant, the teacher gets annoyed because the flow of explanation and lecture breaks quite badly.

Students who cause disturbance

There are some students who are never silent and always talking or moving around the class for absolutely stupid reasons. Teachers hate these kinds of students and it takes a lot of patience and nerve to control them and continue the class with the same energy. Experts at dissertation writing services UAE say that the core ability of a teacher is patience without which they cannot succeed effectively in their career.

Students who have lots of excuses

Some students are a pro at making excuses. It does not matter whether it is for not completing the homework, or for coming late t the class, they would always have an excuse ready to be served. Teachers have a lot of experience and they immediately identify a valid reason and a lame excuse. Therefore, anyone who is habitual of making excuses is automatically disliked by the teachers.

Students who loves to bully

There is always a bully in the classroom. This kind of student not only bullies other students but also the teachers at a lot of occasions. Teachers do not like these students who always try to be a boss and hurt others. Bullying is unacceptable in schools anyway, but these students are exceptionally professional at subtle bullying which serves the person without making it too obvious.

Students who cannot keep their sarcasm at the back

Sarcasm is something which not everyone has. However, some people have it quite in abundance and they just cannot help to keep it away from the classroom. They have to give a sarcastic reply to the teachers and also to the fellow students whether it is the right time or not. It is quite obvious that teachers immensely dislike these kinds of students who are always being sarcastic instead of showing serious attitude at the time of need.

Every classroom has different types of students and 6 of the most disliked ones are discussed above. These students are found in every classroom and not really liked by the teachers. If you are one of these students, it is about time that you fix yourself and get on the right track.



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