5 Popular Myths About Flowers that are Just Plain Wrong


Flowers are all about colors, joy, and happiness. They are one of the most ideal and popular gifts for almost any occasion. There’s a huge variety of flowers out there, and lots of beautiful combinations. Sometimes it becomes hard to choose which flowers to send. When looking for flower buying advice, people are often deceived by misinformation. Here are 5 popular myths highlighted by a Baltimore florist for you:

Myth 1: Seasons are not Important

Fact: When planning to purchase flowers for decorations or special events such as weddings, people are often advised that seasons need not be considered. While it is true that you could obtain most flowers all year round, you cannot expect to get spring flowers for your winter wedding. Hence, discuss with a florist and get their expert advice.

Myth 2: Sugar will Extend the Longevity of Flowers

Fact: Cut flowers won’t last forever, but their freshness could be maintained for a certain period of time with proper care and necessary steps taken. This could be replacing water periodically, adding flower food, removing dead leaves, re-cutting the stems and more. But what doesn’t work here is adding a spoonful of sugar. Sugar does provide nutrients for the blooms, but it also stimulates bacterial growth that could do even more damage to your flowers.

Myth 3: Keep Away Flowers from your Pets

Fact: People often hear that flowers are poisonous to pets. While some flowers are harmful to animals, not all of them are. Flowers such as orchids, daisies, and roses are all safe, hence you don’t have to worry about it. However, if you still feel like not taking a chance, place your flower vase in an area that cannot be reached.

Myth 4: People who are Allergic Should Never buy Flowers

Fact: People who are allergic need not resort to artificial flowers. Some people believe that sneezing and itching of eyes is caused due to flowers, while in reality it is mostly because of the pollen falling off trees in the spring, or grasses in the summer. Some flowers cause no allergic reactions at all, and they include carnations, gerberas, and hydrangeas.

Myth 5: Roses are Mandatory in a Romantic Bouquet

Fact: Whether you’re thinking about a bouquet of wedding flowers in Baltimore, or want to make a simple romantic gesture, you should know that roses are never mandatory in a bouquet. While roses definitely add beauty to your bouquet, it is totally fine to use other flowers if that is what you prefer. Choose flowers that reflect your taste, especially if your loved one has a favorite flower. You could seek the help of a Baltimore florist.

These are the 5 myths about flowers that are popular right now. Now that you know the truth, make your purchase from a flower shop in Baltimore without any worries.

The author is an experienced Baltimore florist who has assisted people in making the right flower purchases. This article sheds light on some of the most popular myths about flowers. For more, visit https://www.flowersandfancies.com/




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