5 Myths About Synthetic Grass that Simply Aren’t True


For those who would like to flaunt an evergreen lawn with hardly any maintenance, synthetic grass is a great buy. They are made using high grade and durable materials, they only require negligible cleaning, and are always ecofriendly and safe to use. However, there are various myths about synthetic grass that people tend to believe, thus refraining them from making the purchase. Here’s what you need to know:

Myth 1: Synthetic Lawns will have Poor Drainage

Fact: If you turn over a synthetic grass, you will see that it has small holes spread evenly. These are meant to drain out water through the grass, even during the heaviest of downpours. Before installation, make sure that the surface is checked thoroughly for proper water drainage without puddling. Professional synthetic grass installers in Sydney will do this for you.

Myth 2: They are not Pet-Friendly

Fact: Synthetic grass is absolutely safe for pets. Pet owners usually have to clean their dog’s muddy paws after they roam around in the garden, but with synthetic grass, that is not necessary. As synthetic grass does not require fertilisers or pesticides for maintenance, they offer a healthy environment for your pets to play on.

Myths 3: Synthetic Grass looks like an obvious Fake

vFact: With several advancements made in the recent times, it has become hard for one to differentiate between a real and a fake lawn. For a more realistic appearance, even brown coloured ‘dead’ fibres are now included within the grass. Colours are consistent and the lawn simply looks natural from every angle.

Myth 4: Synthetic Grass has Lead and other Toxins

Fact: Top Manufacturers always produce synthetic grass by adhering to strict guidelines and standards to ensure that the product is completely safe for use. These products are also tested and verified that they are free from toxic, harmful substances. Always make sure that you are purchasing and installing it from reliable suppliers. They charge only reasonable synthetic grass installation cost in Sydney for customers.

Myth 5: Synthetic Grass is Harmful to Nature

Fact: This is not true. One of the greatest benefits of synthetic grass is that it reduces water consumption as watering is not necessary to maintain them. Lawn mowers are proven to be harmful to the environment, but synthetic grass does not require to be mowed. Also, since fertilisers and pesticides are not required for maintaining your lawn, it actually contributes to a safe environment.

Now that the above-mentioned popular myths about synthetic grass are debunked, contact a reliable supplier offering fake grass installation in Sydney today.

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At Australian Synthetic Lawns we believe in quality products and quality service. We put a great emphasis on excellent service and our overall aim is to continue installing high quality, Australian manufactured products at competitive rates.By working with Australia’s number one artificial grass manufacturer, we can offer you a great variety of high quality, long lasting and realistic synthetic turf options. For more visit https://www.australiansyntheticlawns.com.au/

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