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Get digging for treasure this week and find ancient rewards! Chests have been lost beneath the sands and the time to buy cheap runescape gold and unearth them has come. From 00:00 game time on the 3rd May through to 23:59 on the 7th May, recover some Buried Treasure on Treasure Hunter.The ovum that Bik hatched Right afterwards Destiny from the Gods, the areas of all of the present Elder Gods aloft Gielinor ability be apparent via Elder stories, that you can get utilizing the Calculate. Bik lives below Entrana, wherever the babe Elder allotment is located.

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On opening the Treasure Hunter interface you’ll be met with a grid-based map, and you’ll open chests by clicking on squares within it. Each square contains at least a normal chest, but 6 per grid will contain a special chest, containing a trove of 4 or 5 prizes.These humans attending for a mouthpiece, BikKra, which talks for your Elder our god. On introduction, BikKra difficulties the gamer forth with three akin 35 BikKra’s ancestors and friends. Right afterwards assault about all three, they ability afterwards that allocution to BikKra.

These come in four types, which can contain different types of items and the amount left to find on your grid will be displayed at the side of the interface.Finally,Rsorder will abide to RS gold accommodate you with added runescape news, if you wish to apperceive added about runescape news, you can chase us,give you a altered and beginning bulletin every day.We are aswell accept cheapest and fast runeScape gold.

Here’s what each chest type may contain:
Experience chest

Protean Chest

Skilling Chest

Antique Chest

Protean Bars


Gold Coins
Lava Lanterns

Protean Hides

Spirit Gems

Pulse Cores
Smouldering Lamps

Protean Traps

Portable Packs

Prismatic Lamps/Stars
Hydra Lamps

Protean Memories

Dungeoneering tokens

Warlord outfit
Celebration Lamps

Protean cogs

Skilling dummy packs

Archon outfit
Prismatic Lamps/stars

Protean planks

Combat dummy packs

Wizards Tower staff

Protean logs

Pulse Cores

Dominion Tower maul

Protean packs (s/m/l)

Silverhawk feathers

Slayer Tower bow

Magic notepaper

There’s also a chance that any of these above chest types will contain a special prize: a Treasure Chest rest animation, a held Treasure Map item, or a much rarer chance to get a lucky item (including retired ones).Just anticipation I’d angle a few suggestions to accord this new section of agreeable a little bit added worth. I’ll add added suggestions as I anticipate of more cheap RuneScape gold.
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