5 Common Questions About Workers’ Compensation Claims Answered


If employees get hurt in the workspace, they apply for workers’ compensation so as to help them get through the recovery period. Workers’ compensation is usually meant to meet the financial expenses associated with medical bills alongside supporting the employee’s family. Here’s everything you need to know about the same:

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation refers to a form of security that is offered to the employees, with which they could obtain certain benefits when injured in a workplace. Such benefits include wages, medical care, rehabilitation, and more. The employers will be paying for medical care and other wage benefits if their employees are injured. Workers compensation lawyers in Perth will assist you in obtaining a fair compensation.

What Types of Injures will be Covered Under the Claim?

Several types of physical and mental injuries will be covered under a workers’ compensation claim, provided they are associated with on-the-job accidents or occupational diseases. In case of mental injuries, it must be proven that a physical injury at the workplace caused it, or that it is the consequence of extraordinary stress due to the job.

When Could a Compensation Claim be Denied?

A Workers’ compensation could be denied if the employee wilfully hurt himself/herself or others. The injuries are usually the results caused due to flips, tripping and falling, physical altercation, and more.

Could You Return to Work After Recovering from the Injury?

Employers might not keep the job for you if you cannot perform the same due to the injury. There’s no necessity to create a new job if you are returning to work. But this doesn’t mean that an employer has the right to terminate you just because you filed a workers’ compensation claim. If that happens, you shall sue the employer and recover the damages caused with the assistance of criminal injury lawyers in Perth.

Should You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

While it is not mandatory for anyone to hire an attorney, it is highly recommended to do so. Workers’ compensation claims are complicated and cannot be learned overnight. The process associated with it is complex and to receive a fair compensation, it is ideal to utilise the experience and knowledge of proficient personal injury attorney or public liability lawyers in Perth.

These are some of the fundamental facts about workers’ compensation that you need to know. If you need to file a claim or know more about the processes associated with it, get in touch with proficient criminal injury lawyers in Perth today.

The author is one of the experienced criminal injury lawyers in Perth who has experience dealing with workers’ compensation claims. This article explains some of the basics of workers’ compensation. For more, visit https://www.trewinnorman.com.au



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