5 common mistakes you can avoid using the right e-commerce shipping solutions

If you run an online store then you are pretty much aware of the complications that are involved in e-commerce logistics. Also, how an e-commerce shipping solution can be helpful in making the process easier. In the journey from the warehouse to the customer, your products have to overcome several hurdles and obstacles. The mistakes that may arise in the process can cause a major setback on your brand reputation and your business in general. That is why it is imperative to depend on a reliable and efficient logistics service provider for your business requirements. With guidance from an experienced and reputed shipping partner, your team can easily navigate through these obstacles in order to provide a smooth delivery for your customers.

Making shipping easier – are you doing it right?

There are several e-commerce courier services available for online shipping purposes. However, it is necessary to find the one that best suits your requirements. The right logistics partner can ease your shipping woes and create a seamless shipping experience for your business. Whereas an inefficient logistics partner can make things worse. That is why choosing the right shipping service provider is an important decision as a wrong choice can affect your e-commerce business adversely.

Apart from that, there are other factors that can make a huge impact on your business. We have compiled a list of some common mistakes in logistics and e-commerce shipping solutions that can negatively impact your business. If you feel that you have been making these mistakes, then it is time to rectify those and make your shipping seamless.

  • Relying on just one courier service

At present, there are multiple courier services available for e-commerce shipping in India. Unless you have a dedicated team for logistics you will be depending on these couriers for the shipping of your products. Same is the case if you are focusing only on a regional customer base,  Do not make the mistake of relying on just one e-commerce courier service for all your shipping requirements. There are several couriers that provide a pan-India reach. However, most of them have an area where they excel or provide better services. Whereas there are others who can compensate for these shortcomings through their services. That is why the smart way to handle e-commerce shipping is to rely on a logistics aggregator where you can easily avail the services of multiple courier services.

With a logistics aggregator, you can compare the features of different couriers, compare their prices and their delivery time. This way, with a logistics aggregator as your e-commerce shipping solution you can choose the most convenient and the most affordable option for all your orders. With reputed aggregators, you can even split a multi-product order and assign the most convenient courier for each individual product. This way you can make sure that you save your time and money for every single product. Also, with the services of multiple couriers, you can get wide area coverage for your online store. This way, you can reach every corner of the country and thus widen your customer base.

  • Not keeping track of your orders

With the competition increasing considerably in the field of e-commerce, you have to make sure that the e-commerce courier service you rely on has real-time tracking facility for all your orders. It is not just a seamless way to handle your shipping, but also an essential one. It is equally important to keep your customers in the loop about their orders. When you inform your customers about the whereabouts of their orders, you gain their trust. This way you can reduce those frantic phone calls to customer service regarding their product deliveries.

With a reputed and efficient logistics aggregator, you can always stay updated about your shipments in real-time. This way with an efficient e-commerce shipping solution you can instantly share these details with your customers and make sure that they are always updated about their orders.

  • Depending entirely on manual logistics process

Technology-driven logistics is not a luxury for e-commerce business, but a necessity. With a technology-based logistics platform, you can automate the bulk of your shipping process and consequently save a ton of your time. Time, that you could otherwise use for expanding your core business. You can further automate your shipping label generation for an individual product with any e-commerce courier service. The same way, you can also process your bulk orders in a single go. This not only makes the process easier but also limits manual intervention and provides error-free shipping process.

Moreover, you could be selling your products on multiple platforms; with a technology-based logistics provider, you can automatically sync all your orders in a single page and easily get them shipped. This way your entire shipping information is automatically available in a single view without having to depend on multiple platforms. You can make sure that you are connected to all channels through your e-commerce shipping solution and easily manage your omni-channel selling presence.

While choosing a technology-based logistics service provider for your business, look for something that offers scalability – one that is updated constantly as the market progresses. This will make sure that your business stays ahead in the race. Look for a platform that grows along with your business and provides you with a range of services that are scalable according to your business. Above all, it should be a user-friendly platform that can be handled easily in order to create efficient shipping services with multiple e-commerce courier services.

  • Not sharing delivery details with customers

This is one of the most common mistakes that e-commerce retailers in India make. Let your customer make the decision regarding their product delivery. For instance, some customers may be willing to pay more for a faster delivery whereas there are customers who prefer free shipping even if that means a late delivery. By providing choices to your customers you can let them decide their delivery options. These can include options like where and when they want their product to be delivered. Depending on your e-commerce shipping solution you can provide other options like preferred delivery slot, gift wrapping etc.

  • Not offering multiple payment options

In order to have a successful e-commerce business in India, you have to provide multiple payment options to your customers that include cash on delivery. That is because along with digital wallets, COD is still a preferred payment options among online shoppers in India. Additionally, multiple digital transaction processes are on a rise in the country. According to Mastercard’s mobile shopping survey, 36.7% users in India aged 18-64 have adopted the digital wallet. Therefore, in order to attract all kinds of customers it is necessary to provide access to different payment options.

Look for an e-commerce courier service provider that offers you end to end support for your cash on delivery payments. This will ensure that you do not lose any potential customers due to lack of that provision.

You may feel that the above-mentioned errors that pretty straightforward and must be rare. However, in reality, there are several e-commerce retailers in India who are able to benefit the maximum from their online store because of these mistakes. These minor changes can make a huge difference in the delivery process. Running an online business is not an easy task. You are juggling multiple operational tasks simultaneously. That is why it is highly probable that several things may go wrong. We hope that from the list given above, you now have an idea on how to avoid these mistakes with a reliable e-commerce shipping solution to run an efficient logistics process.



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