4 Popular Myths About Wine that are Simply Untrue


Wine is indeed one of the most popular drinks worldwide, and so are some of the myths about it. Whilst there’s a ton of information about wines that could be found across various sources, not all of them are true. If you are exploring the world of wines, and looking to buy wine online in the UK, you might come across the following 4 common myths that you shouldn’t believe in the first place.:

Myth 1: Expensive Wines are the Best Wines

This isn’t entirely false, however the price of wines is determined by several factors such as quality. Other factors include cost of farming, yield, size of production, cost of land, equipment used, and more. The single most important factor here is your taste and preference. Even some of the most delicious wines are not the most expensive ones you would find, so you don’t have to always spend a fortune to discover and buy wine online in the UK that is really tasty.

Myth 2: Screw-capped Wines Don’t have Quality

While some people suggest that screw-capped wines are inferior than those that are finished with cork, this is not the case. Some wineries always use only screwcaps, but they don’t compromise on quality. In fact, most producers are making the switch to screw-cap to prevent cork-taint, which is a phenomenon when the wine gets ruined as soon as a defective cork gets in contact with it.

Myth 3: Slower Legs Means that the Wines are of High Quality

You might have noticed the wine slowly trickling down the side of the glass, which is called legs. There’s a popular assumption that bigger legs equal better quality. The truth is that it is the higher concentration of alcohol that leads to the leftover wine flowing down the glass at a slower pace. This is independent of the taste and quality of the wine. So, you don’t have to consider this when you buy red wine online from a leading store.

Myth 4: Sulphites Leads to Hangover:

Several people believe that wines with low sulphites don’t lead to hangovers. Hangovers are actually caused by alcohol and not sulphites. So, if you consume excess amounts of low-sulphite wines that contains alcohol, you are going to be hung-over by it.

These are the some of the popular myths about wines in general. Make sure you are dealing with the best online wine store in the UK that offers quality and delicious wines at reasonable prices.

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