4 Common Reasons for Furnace Repairs


Winter is fast approaching, so it is necessary that you examine if your heating appliances are in good shape ahead of the season. There’s nothing more frustrating than your furnace system malfunctioning when you are cold. Regardless of the type of furnace you have, annual maintenance conducted by an expert HVAC contractor will secure your furnace system from possible repairs. These are some of the common signs of furnace repair in O’Fallon MO that needs to be dealt by an expert:

Little to No Warm Air:

A faulty furnace will continue to blow cool air and won’t keep your house warm. Without the proper knowledge they cannot be repaired by yourself, hence contact an expert HVAC technician for assistance. This problem usually arises due to improper functioning of the thermostat, or any other problem that a professional would find out and resolve for you.

Exorbitant Energy Bills:

Modern Heating and cooling systems are designed to reduce energy consumption and your monthly energy expenses. So, if you notice that your energy bills are a little higher than usual, it could possibly be because your furnace system is working harder to meet your requirements. Efficient functioning of a furnace system can be checked by performing a minor furnace repair in O’Fallon MO by an HVAC technician. If not repaired soon, you may have to replace the system in the future.

Temperature Doesn’t Align with Your Thermostat Setting:

You may have set a required temperature on your thermostat, but you are still feeling cold in your house. If you find that your house isn’t warm, despite the furnace running continuously, it could be that the fan motor or belt is faulty. Get in touch with an expert who will examine the cause of the problem and suggest the right solution.

Presence of Too Much Dust:

Every system meant for heating and cooling in O’Fallon MO will have an air filter that is supposed to remove airborne particles such as pet hair, dust mites, and more. As part of the furnace maintenance, it is suggested to replace the air filter based on the manufactures suggestions. An unclean air filter can cause issues to your heating system. If not replaced regularly, it can lead to expensive repairs down the road.

Besides the above signs, make sure to consider other factors such as periodical maintenance and age of the device for conducting furnace or AC repair in O’Fallon MO. When hiring an expert for repairs, make sure that they are certified and experienced to do the job.

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