3 Situations When You Need a Probate Attorney

Albuquerque Probate Attorney

The probate process can be lengthy and comes with many complex terminologies. When there are probate issues, many families and estate executors turn to lawyers to guide them throughout the process. An experienced probate attorney has a strong paralegal or accounting background to handle the vast majority of probate issues with ease. By bringing a probate attorney on an as-needed basis, you can save a lot of money. Here we have discussed the situations when you need to hire a probate attorney in Albuquerque.


During probate, legal documents such as deeds or disclaimers must be prepared to fulfill the last wishes of the deceased individual. Preparing these contracts help the heirs properly arrange their inheritance. Some cases in which complex businesses are involved, an attorney can ensure that the right legal documents are in place for transferring or dissolving ownership.

Hiring a probate lawyer may be unnecessary if the heirs aren’t planning any big changes to the ownership.

Probate Conflicts

Probate issues can create tension and nasty disputes among the heirs after death. There are estate proceedings that tear families over simple arguments. During these situations, probate attorney lends helping hand to mitigate the issue and preserve family harmony. To resolve these kinds of emotional disputes, it’s better to hire a probate lawyer sooner than later. They are skilled enough to resolve any conflicts early and avoid a full-blown court battle when both parties become argumentative or accusatory.

Estate Proceedings in the Court

Hiring a probate attorney is a must when you need to go before a judge during the estate proceedings. The estate proceedings will be taken to the court if the estate documents are written unclearly and the heirs need the court to interpret them. Having a probate lawyer by your side in the courtroom helps you to present the will or estate documents for interpretation. They will help you to manage all creditors, claims and similar probate issues.

Tips to Choose the Right Probate Attorney

– Perform an online search to gather information about the probate attorney you are choosing.
– Search your state’s bar association website to find out if the attorney is in good standing.
– Check whether the probate attorney is certified or hold membership in Local, State or National Associations.
– Find whether the attorney has special skills to address your unique circumstances.

Hiring an Albuquerque probate attorney helps you to navigate and resolve the steps and issues involved in the probate issues.

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Betsy Salcedo

Attorney Betsy Salcedo has practiced in the courts of New Mexico and various tribal courts for the past thirteen years. Betsy has represented clients in divorce, legal separation and child custody matters as well as civil matters and criminal cases.

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