3 Ideas Changing Luxury Design in Los Angeles

Interior design, like everything else, is subject to trends and industry changes. Some of these are fleeting, making a flash in a pan before being abandoned the next year or even the next season. Some ideas, however, change the way we think about things. For luxury design in Los Angeles, there have been a few ideas that have come along and changed how we think about interiors and living spaces. Here are the top ideas that have changed, and will continue to change, high-end design in Los Angeles.

1. Incorporate Tech

Back in the day, technology was something that was either oriented around or oriented to. Think about the living room before the invention of the television, for example. It would have been chairs and couches that faced each other, not a wall, because those spaces were meant for social gatherings. But after televisions, homes starting changing how their furniture was oriented.

Today, technology is in everything we have. It’s in our pockets, in our refrigerators, in almost everything, and that means interior design needs to make space for, and incorporate, technology into how it looks, feels and operates. And as technology becomes more luxurious, it can become a focal point of a room or space, which is why incorporating tech into your design has become such a top priority for luxury design in Los Angeles.

2. Making Spaces Indoors and Outdoors

In Los Angeles, the weather can be so consistently beautiful that the hard lines between outside and inside no longer matter. Instead, that space can meld together, so moving from one to the other can feel almost seamless. This is an excellent design concept that works especially well in luxury design in Los Angeles, because spaces are already developed to take advantage of the weather, and it is a trend that sees no signs of stopping.

3. Going Green

Interior design is about more than making a space look beautiful. It’s about making it more usable and more efficient. That is why “going green” has come to dominate luxury design in Los Angeles. While filling a home with plant-life is part of that trend, it’s also about making your home more cost effective, whether that’s with a stylish way to incorporate solar panels or integrate environmentally-friendly appliances into your kitchen. No matter the approach, the idea that a home can be sustainable has changed how interior designers think about luxury design in Los Angeles.

There are some ideas in luxury design that come and go, that are popular for a moment and then leave forever. Then there ideas that transform design forever. For luxury design in Los Angeles, some of those ideas are related directly to our environment and our technology. Homes can be more fluid, more innovative and more sustainable through the right high-end design, and that can completely change how your home looks, feels and operates. The trick is to go with a quality and reputable designer who can help shape your next major renovation and interior design project.


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