2017 Dubai Exhibitions That You Must Not Miss

Dubai has always been known for flaunting out with an incredible exposure almost in every industry. Having a hawkish approach with enough tendencies and resources to rise & shine, Dubai happens to be the central melting point for the corporate world. In fact, this place is no less than a lucrative mania especially for the business world. Exhibition is amongst the most renowned sectors of Dubai that has embellished the Exhibition management Dubai to an extensive level. So let’s check out some really popular exhibitions that you must not miss in 2017;

Arabian Travel Market Exhibition

Held from 24-27 April, this exhibition is the largest travel and tourism event in the entire Middle East. For sure, it’s an internationally recognized event that exhibits the most enticing range of accommodation options; hear throbbing tourist attractions, some travel glitches and most suitable yet favorable airline routes. This particular exhibition draws the crowd of 39,000 travel professionals coming from 86 countries. You never know this figure might shoot up in 2017. If you are one of those, who love to travel around the world, Venue for this event is Al Multaqua Ballroom, Hall 1-8.

Beauty World Middle East and Wellness & Spa Exhibition

Women would be more interested in this as it has to do with all the beauty, bridal and clothing stuff. Particularly, this exhibition is the largest International Trade Fair for beauty products like for fragrance, hair, eyes and the entire wellbeing. To be held at 14-16 May, This event has been noticed to be getting more and more success every coming year. In fact, it has become beauty and networking event for the beauty industry that includes all the latest products, packaging, machinery and raw material etc.

According to the Exhibition management Dubai, this event hosted around 37,000 visitors and over 15,000 exhibitors from 60 countries last year. It’s truly an event to attend if you are event at least and inch inclined towards fashion and beauty. Venue of this Event is Trade Centre Arena Hall 1-8.

Dubai Sports World

If it’s not clustered with thrill, adventure and enthusiasts, it’s probably not Dubai then. Being on top in almost every popular Industry, how the sports domain could be left untouched? Dubai Sports World is an Ideal Event for the ones who really love sports. In fact, it offers the range of diverse activities in the emirates largest summer sports venue. It also hosts many academies and sports enthusiasts of almost all ages.

No matter if you belong to cricket, football, volleyball, golf, gymnastics, athletics or some indoor sports, this event offers a wide range of spots to connect with. Just book out courts or pitches whatever you prefer as per your favorite sport and enjoy the friendly matches. From 1st June to 3rd June, this event will be held at Trade Centre Arena, Sheikh Saeed Hall 1-3. As per the stats of exhibition stand designers in Dubai, this event has been known to host over 175,000 visitors previously, let yourself be counted as well for the next even bigger figure of 2017.


Are you wondering to visit some most enticing exhibitions of Dubai in 2017? Just check out this piece of content.



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