12 Tips to Make a Small Home Spacious Using Wall Mirrors

Do you want to spruce up your small space? They say that a small space can have no better friend than a well-positioned mirror.

Not one or two. You have a number of ways to hang on wall mirrors to make your space look bigger. Not just that. Decorative wall mirrors make your abode look more inviting to visitors.

What’s more? Mirrors can help solve quite a few design challenges. Whether you want to amplify the lighting in a particular space or make it look less cluttered, large wall mirrors can help.

In this piece, we have put together some tips on how you can use wall mirrors to make your small home look spacious. So, let’s get into it.

  1. Set Up a Full-Length Mirror Behind a Piece of Furniture

Make sure that your selected mirror has similar dimensions to the furniture. It will make your furniture look good without giving the impression that it’s been shoved in. Placing a decorative mirror behind an entry console is trendy. You can tuck them in wherever possible in your small home.

Moreover, having a full length wall mirror in your hallway, foyer or lobby will enable you to take one last look at yourself before heading out. You can make any needed adjustments to your attire and make sure that you look fine. It is particularly helpful for night outs or when you’re in a rush.


  1. Set Up a Mirror Behind Any Lighting Source 

It can be anything. A candle, a table lamp, bedside lamp, large standing lamp or pendant light. Having a big mirror behind any lightning source not only enhances the light but also creates an eye-catching effect.

The better the lightning is, the bigger the impression it has. Salt lamp, with a large mirror behind it, is one of the sure-fire ways to amplify the look of space. It gives the romantic and pleasant vibes, especially at night.

  1. Create a Mirror Wall 

In all honesty, creating a mirror wall has the potential to go horribly wrong. However, that is only when you do so in isolation. If you plan to set up a mirror wall as one element of a larger design plan, it can be quite a pleasant sight instead of the visual catastrophe that most people end up with.

To get it right, we suggest using multiple small-sized mirrors. It is similar to how you would use picture paneling. When you have a number of small mirror panels (whether frameless wall mirrors, oval wall mirrors or any other type) together on a wall, it will make the room look bigger.

Furthermore, enhanced lighting will bring a more vibrant atmosphere to that space. The trick is to find the right balance. Use a few mirror panels and it won’t have the desired effect. Use excess of them and you might start confusing the wall with another room altogether.


  1. Install a Mirror Against a Window 

It is another interesting design approach. If you set up a large wall mirror next to or opposite a window, then the natural light will provide you some nice views. In particular, having big mirrors across a window will not only enhance the natural light but also make space look airy. Also, you will be able to enjoy the pleasant outdoor view from more than one angle.


  1. A Mirror Behind the Stove 

This might come as a bit of a surprise to you. But, it is a great way to keep the wall behind the stove free from grease stains. That portion of the wall behind your stovetop will inevitably get dark because of the stains of grease and some other cooking materials.

Getting these stains out and keeping that wall clean is not the easiest thing. However, if you have a wall mirror installed on that portion, it can make your life significantly easier. Cleaning a mirror and removing those grease stains from it is a lot easier compared to doing so on the wall.

Besides, having a mirror behind the stove will make that place more enjoyable to stand-in. You will also be able to easily see whatever you are cooking while the light will be better distributed around the kitchen as well.


  1. Turning the Mirrors on their Side

This tip will be quite useful for you if you plan to use big mirrors or ones that are longer and skinnier. When you turn them on their side, the room will look more spacious and better illuminated.

Remember, this approach works best when you have long and skinny mirrors available. This way, the wall will look longer straightaway. The effect won’t be the same with round wall mirrors.


  1. A Mirror Near the Dining Table

It is a tried and tested design formula that is adopted by many interior decorators. While it certainly makes the dining room look spacious, it also adds great aesthetic value to the whole ambiance of that space.

An oval wall mirror, or a round one,  in and around your dining area will enable you to use softer lights. It won’t, however, affect the illumination of the place in any way. Rather, it will still look bright and well-lit without having to use stronger lighting.


  1. Mirrors as Cabinet Fronts 

One of the top methods of using cheap wall mirrors that can be applied in many places around your house, including the kitchen, washrooms, bedrooms, etc. However, the kitchen is ideally suited for this design. The best part is that it can be a fun DIY project for you and your partner/spouse.

If you are not able to get ready-made glass front cabinets for your kitchen, then you can easily do it on your own. All you have to do is acquire some glass-mirrored tiles and glue them to your cabinet fronts. You can either do just the tops or the bottoms of both. It will give your room a unique look, especially, if space is not big.


  1. Floor Length Mirrors for Wall Decoration 

Any space with a full length mirror on a nearby wall will look bigger. The long shape of such mirrors tends to draw up the eye and take it around the room, giving a person the impression that a place is larger than it really is.

The best way to use a full length wall mirror is to set it up behind some furniture or on its own where anyone can see their reflection from head to toe. So, besides making a room seem bigger, it will also be a good place to have a look at your appearance at any time.

  1. Go for a Large  Bathroom Wall Mirror 

The bigger your mirror size is, the larger your space will look. The same is the case with the mirror in your small bathroom. Design experts even say that large bathroom wall mirrors can double your investment from a visual standpoint.

Of course, this is an expensive proposition as big mirrors don’t come cheap. However, when compared with the cost of having a tiled wall, it will almost feel like a bargain. Besides, you can get an equally good look with a larger mirror in your restroom.

Moreover, the visual effect will be very strong and you won’t need much of other things to complete the look. It is also a cost-effective design option for smaller bathrooms where the walls aren’t that big and you won’t need a lot of glass.

  1. Eye-Catching Backsplashes

For most people, having large wall mirrors in the kitchen might seem like an odd thing to do. It is certainly unconventional. However, these are some great ideas. You can have oval wall mirrors, cabinets with mirrored fronts, and so many other different styles. Creating a backsplash will give your kitchen a unique and exciting ambiance. There will be lots of natural light around the room and the place will look great.


  1. Lighten Up a Dark Wall 

A dark wall in any place will make the area look small, cold, and uninviting. However, if you have a round wall mirror or any other type of mirror in this space, it will nicely reflect the lighter portion of the room. But more importantly, that dark wall will be hidden behind the mirror and the look of your room/space won’t be spoiled.

To give a more aesthetic look to your space, have some greenery around. Its reflection in the mirror can boost your mood. This presence of nature in the room will also give it a more spacious look and feel.

Bottom Line

These are just some of the many interesting ways to use decorative wall mirrors to make small living space more spacious. In fact, you can do a lot more. Using wall mirrors in the right manner will make that particular space look more inviting, visually pleasing, and relaxing.

Do you have any other ideas on how different types of mirrors can be used to enhance small homes and commercial spaces? Share them with us in the comments. Cheers!




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